We all love FollowFriday on Twitter

Greetings wonderful readers, what a superb day for FollowFriday on Twitter.

I’ve had several #FF’s as they are hash tagged on Twitter, so I thought it would be nice as a thank you to everyone that has mentioned me to bring you a list of those tweeters and their tweets.

It’s also a great way for you to check out their Twitter profiles and if you want to follow them or even them add them to one of your lists, it’s all up to you.

A big thank you to everyone that did tag me on today’s FollowFriday, it’s always great to see my iPhone and Nexus pinging with the mentions and I love the mentions.

I have tried to ReTweet and Favourite all those that have mentioned me today, if I haven’t then I will do.

So without further ado, here’s those tweets:


Big thanks to everyone above, if I have missed you off the list, then please let me know.

Please follow the tweeters above and I hope you all have an awesome weekend, Happy FollowFriday everyone.

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

Editor-in-Chief at Blazing Minds
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds blog an avid blogger/journalist of all sorts of interesting and odd things. She is also a Cinema Film Reviewer, based in Rhyl, where she reviews the latest movies, she has also had several articles in The Daily Post Newspaper as well as other publications.
Karen Woodham


Entertainment Journalist, Writer, Blogger, Photographer, founder of #NorthWales No.1 website http://t.co/jIVHEWTuMR. #PurpleBiz winner @PurpleDogNet 3/5/14
UK trailer for #HornsMovie, only on Yahoo: http://t.co/UmQE1EjFwO horny devil lol http://t.co/y2VDIJ06aA - 2 hours ago
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham

3 Responses to We all love FollowFriday on Twitter

  1. Kenya Lynem

    Smooth and nice feeling here. Twitter and the Fridays episodes are what I am seeing. Love extreme. Namaste

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