A Week On Blazing Minds, Rhyl Thumping Noises, Cameras and Pacific Rim

Rhy Harbour Bridge Over Road

Hi everyone, what a weekend, the days have been hot with temperatures hitting around 25°C and the beaches have been packed with people making the most of the gorgeous weather, but that hasn’t stopped the articles here on Blazing Minds.


Getting Out And Bringing You Great Articles

So the week has been another one of those weeks where I’ve been rushed off my feet as usually and this week, I also put my journalistic skills to the test with what turned out to be the most popular post of the week.

OK, let’s get started with the top articles of the week and the top of the list is the one I just mentioned, this article was about a strange thumping news that could be heard on the North East Coast of Wales, particularly in Rhyl, Towyn and Abergele.

Top Articles On Blazing Minds This Week

Rhyl Harbour Bridge

Rhyl Harbour Bridge (Photo credit: Blazing Minds)

As you can see Rhyl was quite popular on the blog this week and even to the point that in the lower hit articles they were also Rhyl based as well, proves that linking “related articles” does work!

Top Referring Websites and Search Engines

  • Facebook
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask
  • StumbleUpon
  • Twitter
  • BlogEngage

No surprise that FaceBook dominated the referring websites last week, the top article was shared by the Daily Post on their FaceBook page and people were coming over from there to discover the mystery of the strange sound from the sea.

The rest were as they usually are with the search engines bringing in some nice traffic as usual and BlogEngage keeping in the list and send me some traffic and some new commentators here on the blog (I love comments, good ones anyway).

Also let’s not forget Twitter, the site always gets some great inward clicks from Twitter. I think this boils down to the amount of times that fellow tweeps have been kind enough to ReTweet my articles to their followers.

An interesting point as well is that I am now getting traffic from Wikipedia! Yes folks, I seem to be listed on the Apollo Cinemas Wiki page with an article that I wrote about the Cinema chain being bought by Vue Cinemas.

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