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It’s been a while since I last brought you some Twitter Tips, so I thought I would bring you some quite useful for those of you wanting to know when the best time to tweet is and when your followers are on-line to see your tweets.

So How Do You Do This?

One Twitter Tool for doing this very thing is Tweriod, is quick and quite simple to use and the stats are ones which you can use for the purposes of finding out when your best times are for tweeting out those all important tweets on Twitter.

Simply sign in with Twitter, don’t worry you don’t have to enter your password, and then Tweriod will start working out your statistics, as soon as they are don you will get a DM on Twitter from them to let you know that everything is ready for you to view.

[Tweet “Tweeting at the right time can make all the difference”]

Reading Your Statistics

The nice thing about this handy Twitter Tool is the graphs, all your stats. are listed in graph format so that they are easy to read and understand.

Tweriod graph

You even get a section that tells you when you are most likely to get the most exposure for your tweets.

TweriodWhich is quite handy when you are hoping to get a little more exposure for that all important tweet that you have going out 😉

Now as with most Twitter Tools like this one, you have to consider that all this information is not going to be 100% correct and with this site it only uses the information from the last 5,000 of your followers, so if you do have over the 5,000 mark then there could be some differences.

[Tweet “Take advantage, tweet at the right time of day for more reactions”]

But I do have to say that after using Tweriod myself and checking stats from my own Tweets and comparing them to the statistics on Tweriod, it’s not that bad.

An Overall Thought

Ok, so you shouldn’t really rely on something like this, but Tweriod is a valuable Twitter Tool that can be quite helpful in those of you that are wishing to get more discussions going on with your Twitter and knowing the time that is more popular than other times is useful.

But, the thing you have to remember is that using Twitter is more so than just knowing the correct time to tweet, it’s also about giving back to those that tweet you and if someone tweets you with a question, try to answer it, if tweeters talk to you then do the same and reply.

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