“3: An Eye for an Eye” is worth a Peek – Movie Review

The graphically vicious psychological mystery 3: An Eye for an Eye” takes us in at least a trio of different directions before we extract exactly what in the world our retinas are receiving.

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of this cathartic kidnapping caper occurs when actress Aniela McGuinness’s character bares her chest to reveal the lasting scars of a savage attack. The moment is as far from titillating as you can get. For in real life McGuinness has undergone a double mastectomy in her battle with breast cancer.

3 An Eye for an Eye

I recently spoke with both McGuinness and “3” Writer/Director Lou Simon about the process of creating such a stirringly intense scene. I wanted to know how each approached the inherent and enormous sensitivity involved. Each woman emphasized with me that it was all about a respectful collaboration.

“I was like, ‘Hell yeah'”, McGuinness says when Simon asked her if she would be okay with taking part in this pivotal point in the movie. “I didn’t find what happened to my chest to be a horror…I knew it wouldn’t be gratuitous in any way.”

From the filmmaker’s perspective, while Simon says that she “didn’t want to take advantage” of McGuinness’s personal medical crisis, her lead actress told her that she “felt okay with that”, adding, “I usually don’t like to have anything to do with female nudity in horror films…but this felt like the most asexual thing you could possibly (imagine).”

McGuinness tells me she is returning to her roots in comedy for an upcoming Nickelodeon television project. Simon has invested her considerable creative energies into making a documentary about Asian elephant preservation. Be this as it may, with the haunting and harrowing “3”, this talented tandem has teamed to deliver one gnarly knockout punch.

And lastly, let it be said. This is what it should mean when the word “brave” is far too often farcically attached to a theatrical performance.