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These are a collection of films that, Award Winning Blogger, Karen Woodham has reviewed as the “Resident Reviewer” a given title from the Prestatyn Scala Cinema to her and adopted by them to review some of the latest films that they show. She also reviews 3D and IMAX movies at the Cineworld cinemas in Llandudno and Broughton.

You will also find other film reviews by other people that are part of the Blazing Minds network, so enjoy the reviews and don’t forget to comment and share the film reviews. This Category also includes reviews of upcoming and new releases of DVDs, Blu-rays, VOD and Digital Downloads.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon [Review]

So I finally bit the bullet and decided to go and see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D, my love for 3D films in the past has made me one of

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3D At The Scala In Prestatyn

It seems a while since my last visit to see a 3D movie at the Scala in Prestatyn (@ScalaPrestatyn), actually the last 3D movie I saw there was Avatar, so it was

Avatar 3D at the Scala Cinema in Prestatyn

Those of you following me on Twitter, @BlazingMinds and on this blog will know how much I love the film Avatar and the other day I had chance to see it in

DVD Review: Resident Evil Degeneration

I’ve been a fan of Resident Evil for many years, not the film series, but the games. I can remember right back to the first one when I leapt out of my

Review: The Final Destination 3D

So after last weeks fiasco of the couple before us getting the last tickets, I finally got to go and see “The Final Destination 3D” last night, so, was it worth the

Review: G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Those that have followed my Twitter will have noticed that last night I went to Cineworld in Llandudno to see G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. G.I. Joe (Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity)