Blazing Minds were given the opportunity to interview Meredith Thomas Actor and Stand Up Comedian regarding her forthcoming TV Show Christmas In Vermont which airs on Christmas Eve.

I posed the following questions to Meredith who is in LA at the moment.

Tell us a little about your role in Christmas in Vermont?

I play the role of “Dana”. She’s a business associate of Chevy Chase’s character Preston Bulluck and they lead female character “Riley” played by Abigail Hawk of CBS’ Bluebloods. “Preston” sends “Riley” from New York City to Vermont to close down a struggling company.
“Riley” looks to “Dana” and a Christmas miracle to help keep the company open. My character sees her younger self in “Riley.” She doesn’t want “Riley” to make the same mistakes she did by putting my money and career above love and friendship.

Meredith Thomas and Chevy Chase in Christmas In Vermont

Meredith Thomas and Chevy Chase in Christmas In Vermont

Christmas in Vermont is airing on Christmas Eve. What were your Christmases like when you were growing up?

I remember the long rides from our home in New Hampshire to my stepfather’s mother’s house in New Jersey. When you’re young those rides seem to go on forever. We didn’t have phones or tablets to entertain ourselves so my brother and I pretty much annoyed each other for the whole ride. I guess that’s kind of a Grinchmas-y tale but it’s true.

You have done a lot of Stand Up as well as Acting. What do you prefer? What advice would you give to aspiring female stand-ups?

I can’t say that I like one more than the other. I truly love them both but I approach them both very differently. The part of me that likes to be somewhat in control loves the stand-up and then the part of me that likes to relinquish some control and go on an emotional journey loves the acting. My advice for young standups would be the same as my advice for young actors, tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth! In stand up you’re telling your truth, though at times exaggerated for comedic effect. And in acting, you’re telling somebody else’s truth, but you have to truthfully interpret it through your own truth. For standups find a way to let your audience relate to the experience that you are having by using that universal “you”. I also find that comedy is funnier and more poignant when you are making fun of yourself and not other people. There’s freedom in saying everything about yourself, shining a light on your dark places before anyone else can.

What future projects can we see you in in 2017?

I recently shot a role in Emmy winner Ryan Murphy’s new limited television series called “Feud.” It’s about the feud that took place between actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during and after the filming of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”

I also have a faith-based film coming out called “Heavenly Deposit” which stars John Savage from “Deer Hunter.”

I am currently one of the female leads in a new Bon Jovi music video for the song “Born Again Tomorrow”. It tells a circle of life kind of tale. The video was just released last week.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions for 2017?

I have had the same New Year’s resolution for the last three years. I think it’s the only one I have ever been able to keep, to wear more red lipstick. Other than that, I do not do many resolutions. I write down what I need to get done each day and most days I accomplish most of it. I gave up alcohol almost 4 years ago and eat a primarily vegetarian diet and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Nia Lloyd Williams
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