Could you be BFF’s with Deadpool?

Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds

With Deadpool hitting the UK Cinemas next month, with his foul-mouth and over the top action, we were wondering if you could be BFF’s with him!

So take a few moments and have some fun with this latest quiz here on Blazing Minds and let’s see how you get on.

We know all of you would love to hang out with Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds), but would you actually get along with the guy? Deadpool is pretty unpredictable, even a tad insane after all. Find out how compatible you really are with a little bit of help from our new quiz – who knows, you may be the chimi to his changa…?

So how did you get on?

Don’t forget to share your results via the social media buttons or let us know the results in the comments section here on Blazing Minds.

Deadpool Final Red Band Trailer

Many thanks to for sending us over this crazy quiz.

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham