So a couple of weeks back I was listening to my favourite local station @PointFMRhyl and heard and interview with Dave Elwyn (@DaveElwyn) and Craig K (@OfficialCraigK) which introduced me to Dave’s music and that he was giving away a copy of his album, Raw Blues, in a little competition on the station, so how could I not get my entry in, in a hope of winning his album.

Hoorah! I’ve Won A Competition

I do have to admit that I do enter a few competitions (I still have hope in winning all the tasty cakes on the PointFM Cake Break) and was over the moon when I was announced as the winner of Dave’s album, so now all I had to do was pick up the CD, so as I was off out to review a film that night I decided to pop down to PointFM and pick the CD up from John Daly (one of the DJs on the station).

Enough Of The Banter, What About The Album Review!

Ok let’s get on with it, usually resident music reviewer @DanMillerr does the reviews but seeing as I won the CD I thought I’d better review it ūüėČ

Right from the very start of the album with the track “Let It Go” you know that this is going to be an album that is literally going to rock! Dave’s vocals really blast out with some amazing drum work and excellent guitar work, making you just sit there and think “Oh My God, what a hell of a start to an album!”

I could stop there really or this review as I can’t fault the album, but I won’t it deserves more being said about it.

The second track, of the eleven on the album, “You Don’t Mind” is much of the same, with the feel of the first track keeping you hooked and listening to the very well written lyrics and air-guitaring to the guitar solo in the middle of the track, outstanding.

WOW! we get a changed, calmer track for the next track, “Know It All” a much¬†smoother¬†track with some wonderful vocal effects and charming vocals and¬†a lovely¬†acoustic guitar solo.

Begin” has a feel of John Lennon to it, this is probably down to the vocals at the¬†beginning, again the track is slower than the first two, but still has that feel that you just want to keep going through the rest of the album and hear more of Dave Elwyn’s brilliant lyrics.

On to “Call Them Back” which is one of my favourites on the album, the track is so moving with its lyrics which really do touch a nerve, but don’t take my word for it, check out the track on Dave Elwyn’s Reverbnation Page.

Look Into The Light” starts with a wonderful sounding guitar with a soft synth running through, then Dave’s vocals kick in with a rather slow beat, just to complete the sweet sound of yet another wonderful sounding track that begs to be heard of radio broadcasts everywhere (Hmm I must ask PoitFM to play it later).

Moving on to a more rock sounding track with “Steam Jar” and a short track, but it still keeps you glued to the album, giving you that feel that after seven tracks in the album just hasn’t had a filler track so far!

Bringing in some blues with “Short Fuse Blues” has my toes tapping and singing away to it, like the other tracks, and again I really hadn’t found a track I didn’t like and so far in to an album!

Hunter’s Noose” is another one of those tracks that you really listen to the lyrics and is a track that really works by bringing the tempo down and ¬†making you listen to the lyrics.

What! Track ten already and still no bad tracks, surely not! It’s true and “What Does Everybody Have To Do?” is another that keeps you gripped with the well written lyrics and a chilled tempo,¬†excellently mixed with the percussion, bass, vocals and lead guitar all nicely placed in the speakers stereo field.

The last track, “Why Worry About Tomorrow” brings the album to close with you thinking, “Right, that’s going on again” and that’s exactly what I did, I must have listened to the album several times in one go and I still can’t get enough of it.

Overall Thoughts For Raw Blues by Dave Elwyn

I really can’t fault the album, from the amazing well written lyrics and the pure feel that Dave Elwyn has for the music, right down to album sleeve that just makes you feel that the CD inside is¬†something¬†special.

If you want something that will have you listening to it over and over again then this is the album to do it, forget all the gadget sounding music that’s out at the moment, chuck this in your CD player and take a¬†listen¬†to how good music should sound.

Check out Dave Elwyn on his Official Website, @DaveElwyn, Reverbnation and FaceBook.

Karen Woodham
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