So without resident music reviewer, @DanMillerr, rocking it out at @DownloadFest, it’s back down to me to bring you some music reviews, now sometime back I was sent a request to review EDUBB, now to be honest, I’ve never heard of them and Hip Hop has never been my strong point, but when you’re reviewing music you have to be open-minded to many genres.

Ok, after getting hold of the album, Legends of the Fall from the EDUBB website, it was time for me to throw it on my iTunes and get to work!

EDUBB – Legends Of The Fall – Album Review

As I mentioned earlier Hip Hop isn’t my strong point, so what I’ve done is review the album for its overall production, quality and enjoyment factor, so I just know there are going to be people who may disagree with my review, but hey, this is my point of view after all 😉

Legends of the Fall consists of 17 tracks Hip Hop/Rap, upon starting the first tracks titled “Highest High” my first thoughts were this is produced quite well, great quality sound, with the vocals tied in nicely to the music, quality of the sound is crystal clear.

What really surprised me is at around track 5 “The High Lullaby” I was really starting to enjoy the tracks so far, Oh my God, does this mean I’m being taken in to the sound of Hip Hop, I don’t know to be honest, but with “The High Lullaby” EDUBB bring you rap with some brilliant chorus sections, which goes to show that these guys do have some serious talent.

Legends of the Fall does have a great sound, though to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s an album that I couldn’t personally listen to a lot, but this is probably down to my style of music tastes, such as rock, electronica etc. But for those of you out there that thoroughly enjoy Hip Hop, then this is probably going to be an album for your ever-growing music collection.

You can’t beat the album for its production values, so because of hits production and overall sound EDUBB have made an appetising for fans of Hip Hop, but for those that don’t like Hip Hop, it’s not going to convert you in to a Hip Hop fan.

A Warning For You All!

At this point I do have to mention that if you are easily offended by a certain “F-Word” there is plenty of it throughout the album, there that’s that out-of-the-way, just thought I would mention that, I don’t people coming to me and saying “You never mentioned the swearing”

Overall Thoughts For Legends Of the Fall By EDUBB

Love Hip Hop/Rap then this is going to be an album that you’ll want in you collection, with its overall quality in sound production and mixing it’s extremely well done, it’s probably nothing that’s not been heard before from some of the major Hip Hop acts, but I know that a lot of you will be listening to it 😉

Overall Rating 3/5

Something to shock you, you can get EDUBB’s album Legends of the Fall for FREE on their official website.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham