One of the many wonderful things that I love about being a blogger is the chance to work “Behind the Scenes“, not just on events, but also on movies and video shoots, last weekend was one of those chances with the video for Dene Michael’s Hold Me Now.

On Saturday, I grabbed all my gear and drove over to meet up with the director of the new music video for “Hold Me Now” which is the latest track from Dene Michael. You may have heard the track on the end credits of the short film “Ghost Train” which was posted up on Blazing Minds recently.

After meeting up with Director Lee Howard, it was time to travel over to the undisclosed location in North Wales and get everything set up for the shoot for the video that would be taking place on Sunday.

Behind the Scenes of Hold Me Now

Director Lee Howard setting up for the Hold Me Now video shoot

If you’ve never thought of what goes in to a video shoot, then let me tell you that there is more to it than you may think.

It’s not just a case of filming someone with a storyline, there is so much more.

Behind the Scenes 9 Overhead DM

Behind the Scenes of Hold Me Now

On the Saturday it took from around 2pm up until about 6pm just to set everything up, getting the cameras set up in their locations, walking through the storyline and making sure that everyone knows their roles for the shoot the following day.

Shooting Hold Me Now with Dene Michael

Now I know that some of you may be thinking that the name, Dene Michael, sounds familiar, well dear readers many of you will have seen Dene on TV lately, you will have seen him in the Walkers crisp advert with Gary Lineker.

Most of you will also know him for probably one of the most popular party songs, that everyone knows all the moves for, that song would be “Agadoo“.

Dene Michael filming Hold Me Now

Dene Michael filming Hold Me Now

But the new single, “Hold Me Now” is such a different track from Agadoo, but I’m not going to delve in to the track here, that’s going to have to wait for the official release of the track and a review here on Blazing Minds.

So, back to the filming.

It was an early start on the Sunday for the start of the shooting of the video, I arrived at the location at 8:30am, all geared up with my camera, ready to bring you exclusive shots of Dene and Video Star filming the music video.

Behind the Scenes

Once Dene was on set and the “band” had arrived it was time to get everyone in to their positions for the day’s shooting.

Megan at the shoot for Hold Me Now

Being given the opportunity to be on set while the filming was taking place was an honour, having full access gave me the chance to take photos while filming was taking place and during the breaks in between.

Behind the Scenes with Dene Michael

The weekend was a fantastic opportunity to work with a brilliant crew at Video Star and of course a chance to meet and work with Dene. He was such a lovely go to work with, we spent a while just chatting about entertainment such as films and music.

It’s having the chance to do things like this tat make all the time put in to Blazing Minds so worth it. Now I’m looking forward to being on set again for the completion of the video, so look out for more exclusive photos on the Blazing Minds Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Cast & Crew from the Dene Michael Video Shoot for Hold Me Now

So all that leaves me with is to say a massive thanks to all the cast & crew from the shoot over the weekend, great to work with you all.





Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham