How To Find Out How Many Verified Twitter Accounts Follow You

This article has been updated with regards to Verified Twitter Followers, new information and tips can be found towards the end.

I’ve been asked the same question over and over again by friends using Twitter:

How Can I Find Out How Many Verified Twitter Accounts Follow Me?Click To Tweet

So I thought I would take the opportunity to give you some tips on how you can find the answer.

Contrary to belief some Verified Twitter users will follow you and those that do follow you, are generally the ones that you can have a conversation with you on Twitter, but let’s get something straight first about verified Twitter users.

Verified Twitter users are not always celebritiesClick To Tweet

That shocked you didn’t it! Verified users can be anything from a local newspaper right up to those big named artists etc.

How Can I Find Out How Many Verified Twitter Accounts Follow Me?

Finding Verified Twitter Users Following You – Option 1 [UPDATE TO ARTICLE]

Another method of finding those Verified Twitter Followers is by using the website Friend or Follow, with a few clicks you will be seeing those that are following you and a few other stats.

Friend or Follow

How to find those Verified Twitter Users:

  1. Visit Friend or Follow, log in with your Twitter account you want to check.
  2. Click on the tab “Friends”.
  3. Make sure that “Protected” and “Normal” in the “Show these types of users” section are deselected.
  4. Now view the results to see which Verified users are following you on Twitter.

You can now hover over each of the Tweeters and see if you are following them and you can follow them if you wish.

One of the things that I would like to see on Friend or Follow is the option of adding or removing the user to and from one of your Twitter lists, this would be great if you want to keep a list of those kind enough to follow you.

It is worth making a note that if you have more that 10,000 followers then you will have to pay for an upgrade to use the site.

Social Rank – Listing Verified Twitter Followers And More – Option 2 [Update To List 04/2014]

The latest discovery to the list is a website called SocialRank, it not only allows you to see who you most valuable followers are but also has the added benefit of showing all your Verified Followers and exporting them to a Twitter List! (Currently not available and only exports to CSV or save directly to Social Rank 25/02/16)

SocialRank Report 1

I’m actually using SocialRank myself and it is proving to be a wonderful tool for grabbing more information about those following my Twitter.

Giving you Most Valuable Followers, Most Engaged Followers and Best Followers, add to this that all can be exported to a Twitter list enables you to keep a close eye on them all without having to follow them, if you don’t want to.

You can read a full review of the site, here on Blazing Minds in the article, “What is your Social Rank and Who is Your Most Valuable Twitter Follower?“.

Using StatusBrew (Formerly known as Unfollowers – Option 3 Added 3/3/16)

The StatusBrew website comes in the forms of a free version and a pro version, for this article we are going with the free version to help you sort out which verified accounts follow you on Twitter.

Simply log in/sign up and then after a short while you will be able to see new unfollowers/followers and also filter out those new followers that you wish to follow etc.

But one of the good options with StatusBrew is the ability to filter all your followers and view only those that are Verified.

Start by finding the “Everyone Following You” option on the left side of the screen.

StatusBrew Everyone Following You

Once you have selected the option a bar will appear on the screen and it will pull in the information for all those Twitter accounts that are following you, the next step is to filter those followers, so that you can find out which Verified Twitter accounts are following you.

On the right side of the screen you will see the filter option, click on the world icon and then make sure you have selected “Verified Only”, this will now display the verified accounts that follow you.

StatusBrew Verified Twitter Followers

Now you will have a list of the Verified accounts following you, you can also set many other filters for location, language, timezone etc.

Three Easy Methods To Find Verified Twitter Users That Follow You, Your Turn!

So there you go, three ways that you can see which Verified Twitter Accounts are following you, I know there are other ways of doing this out there, so now it’s time to hand over to you the reader.

How do you find out which Verified Twitter Accounts are following you on Twitter? Do you use the methods I’ve mentioned? Do you have any other methods that you use?

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