Over the years that Blazing Minds has been around there have been many changes and the key changes have been the traffic for the website and its increase in its popularity since starting in 2008. Also with Blazing Minds winning a prestigious National UK Blog Award in April 2015 and several prestigious listings on Top 10 PR sites, the website has gone from strength to strength.

With the Blazing Minds on many social networks and the name becoming so well-known all over the world, it’s no wonder that so many people visit the site and love the work that is produced.

Advertise with Blazing Minds

You can now advertise on Blazing Minds, there are several options to choose from when it comes to advertising on the website which is the ideal place to be seen.

Option 1 300 x 250 (£100 per month)


This is a very popular slot and is one of the best sizes that is recommended by Google Adsense, you can either go with a static image or video for your advertisement, plus a link to your website etc.

Option 2 300 x 600 (£160 per month)

These side advertisements are ideal for those who need to be seen, ads in this size will have readers certainly wanting to see what is happening over on the site.

Option 3 Background Ads (£300 per month)

Blazing Minds Backgroud Ad (Demo)

Also known as wallpaper ads, these totally graphical advertisements are perfect for those want something to be seen and for the information to get out and not clicks. The background of the Blazing Minds website is completely taken over by these ads and they work perfectly.

Social Network Sharing – Sponsored Tweets

With the power of social media these days, Twitter has become a fantastic way of getting the word out to thousands/millions of people on the internet. Blazing Minds now has over 31,000 followers and with this comes a weekly reach of around 6M, so getting a tweet from Blazing Minds is a must.

With the reach that Blazing Minds can get, you will only be charged per tweet, which will be timed and scheduled to go out at a key moment for our followers or if you wish it can be tweeted at a time that suits your needs.

Sponsored Posts (Price Upon Request and is Negotiable)

Having a post on Blazing Minds is great for getting the word out to the masses. If we think that your post is suited for our readers then we will go ahead and post about your product/service. The price for a sponsored post is worked out via a rating system that takes the ranking of Blazing Minds and the Domain Authority of the site, plus other factors to work out our rate card.

We set links to NoFollow because Google said to do so.

‘Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behaviour that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.’

People will still click through to find your brand, so NoFollow is OK. Check out The Laws of Blogging about Disclosure. Please contact us using the form below for details.

All articles are also shared via Social Media including Twitter and Facebook.

Product Reviews (Price Upon Request and is Negotiable)

You may also see that from time to time we do product reviews such as movies before release etc. We get a lot of these through and the pile does get bigger and bigger, for a simple fee we can race your review to the top of the pile, this by no way changes the review of the product and all reviews can not be swayed by the fee. Please contact us using the form below for details and costs.

Competitions (Price Upon Request and is Negotiable)

With a massive following and reach on the Social Networks that Blazing Minds is on as well as the various competition listing sites, we can gain maximum exposure and reach for the hosted competition, be them for a Blu-ray giveaway to even tech or holidays, our competitions will reach out for maximum effect. Please contact us using the form below for details and the costs to run your competition/giveaway.

Use the form below to get in touch with regards to advertising