Being students of all things Comedy my other half and I could not pass up an opportunity when in London at the beginning of this month to catch up with Londons vibrant comedy scene.

Having found ourselves in Central London on a Tuesday night we decided to scan the internet for comedy venues. Not being financially blessed at the time we searched for a lower cost option than The Comedy Store. We came across a pub called The Cavendish which described itself as an ArtS Pub with an open mic comedy night Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays entitled Comedy Virgins. We were assured of a plethora of performers (we saw 10 comedians that night).

Now this comedy night was in the best traditions of open mic, it was a bringer night i.e. The performers were encouraged to bring somebody along with them for the show. Patrons were encouraged to partake in liquid refreshment and a bucket was passed around for donations at the end of the night.

The pub itself was in a residential area a few minutes walk from a tube station and the comedy night was held in a room with a stage and a backdrop and the lone microphone. The compère was zany and controlled the night well. The comedians had five minutes to do their sets and then the audience had to shout buy them a drink if they had been good enough with the clap off at the end.

Like a curate’s egg there were good bits and bad bits but on the whole, the night was good fun. We had a few standups who were just setting off on their standup journey and other more seasoned performers. There were songs and poems and some people from abroad talking about Britishness. The guy that won just stormed it with a love song dedicated to Mary Berry of Bake Off fame. The crowd was generally good natured and as we spilled out into the street it was great to rub shoulders with fellow comedians and bask in the knowledge we were both part of this eclectic mix of wannabe mirth Meisters.

Comedy virgins

Comedy virgins

We left The Cavendish determined next time to be on the stage rather than in the audience.

Comedy Virgins Monday Tuesday and Wednesday The Cavendish Arms Stockwell London

Nia Lloyd Williams
A fledgeling standup with my partner Sarah we attend many comedy gigs in North Wales and further afield. We have run an open mic Standup Night and are now looking for a new venue to promote standup comedy in North Wales.
Nia Lloyd Williams


Are two aspiring Female Comedians. One very useful when assaulting castles, the other bitter twisted and ideal with a greek salad Hosts of #RhylComedyClub #Lgbt

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