Fast and the Furious 8 – Less Street Racing and More xXx! [Review]

So we’re now up to Fast and the Furious 8 with Fate of the Furious the movie franchise that started back in 2001 with fast, neon-lit, cars and illegal street racing that

Book Review: Lifestyle of a Watchman

About The Book Designed for worshipers and intercessors, this unique 21-day journey will help you move to the front lines of prayer – becoming more alert to the presence of God and

Wales Comic Con 2017 – 2 Days Of Sunshine and Fun

With April here, that meant that the Wales Comic Con 2017 had returned to Glyndwr University in Wrexham to wow fans with Cosplayers, Q&As and guests for autographs, selfies and a chance

Sci-Fi Weekender, SFW8 So Busy I Should’ve Cloned Myself!

So thankfully the traffic wasn’t too bad on route to Pwllheli for this year’s Sci-Fi Weekender, the A55 seemed to be flowing OK so after leaving at around 10 am we arrived

The Free Man, interesting and very thought provoking – Review

Freedom is defined as the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity, as Olympic freestyle skier Jossi Wells learns when he partners with

“two days, one night” of one Helluva Weekend for Marion Cotillard

Before seeing the French domestic drama “two days, one night” I was only cursorily familiar with Marion Cotillard’s work. I am now richly informed. Likewise, little did I know that a movie

Review: The Full Monty Live at Venue Cymru, Llandudno

Venue Cymru was roaring with laughter last night during The Full Monty, the play based on the hit movie! In 1997, a British film about six out of work Sheffield steelworkers with

Book Review: A Time To Triumph

About The Book In this empowering and practical book, Chuck Pierce shows believers how to embrace their prophetic destiny in the midst of these tumultuous times. Many kingdoms in this age are

The Beaster Bunny is hopping your way this Easter!

Wait! What! The Beaster Bunny! Yes, folks, it’s time to scream this Easter and that’s not because of the kids driving you mad with their easter egg hunting! So put all your

Book Review: Spirit-Empowered Theology

About The Book Many Spirit-filled believers, even those intimately familiar with Scripture, sometimes struggle to express theology in clear terms. Charles Carrin, can help. In this one-volume reference, he explores the core

Kong: Skull Island – A Monster of a movie – Review

We’ve seen a lot of excitement over the new movie, Kong: Skull Island, especially during the competition that we have been running to win some merchandise. So last night it was time

Book Review: Between Heaven and the Real World

About the Book For decades, Steven Curtis Chapman’s music and message have brought hope and inspiration to millions around the world. Now, for the first time, Steven openly shares the experiences that

John Wick Chapter 2 – Non-Stop Action All The Way with Baba Yaga! – Review

After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life. How do you top a movie that has Keanu

We Spent a Sunny Afternoon with the Music of The Kinks at Venue Cymru

What a way to spend Valentine’s Day, well the evening anyway. Last night it was the first night for Sunny Afternoon at Venue Cymru, a show that I’d been looking forward to

Book Review: Humility The Secret of Success

About Humility Many believe the key to success is a super-sized ego. “Wrong,” says Pat Williams. “The key to true success is a humble spirit”. In his new book Humility, Pat shares stories of

Denzel Washington delivers yet again in “Unstoppable”.

Denzel Washington time and time again elevates the calibre of any film he touches. To employ the vernacular, “The guy really classes up the joint”. His portrayal of Frank, a no-bulls**t veteran


Reading Books Can Be Therapeutic

There seems to be nothing better than relaxing on a nice day reading a book with a glass of wine and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately, reading some of my

Review: The Final Destination 3D

So after last weeks fiasco of the couple before us getting the last tickets, I finally got to go and see “The Final Destination 3D” last night, so, was it worth the

Review: Infected Mushroom – The Legend of the Black Shawarma

It’s been two years since the mighty Infected Mushroom released an album and the wait has certainly been worth it, the latest album The Legend of the Black Shawarma is an truly

Review: Skechers Shape-ups, walking on air!

The wonderful @Sylvie over at FuelMyBlog enticed me yet again with an offer to review something a little new, so without any hesitation I shouted YES!!! This time it was for some

Review: G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Those that have followed my Twitter will have noticed that last night I went to Cineworld in Llandudno to see G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. G.I. Joe (Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity)

Aftermath of the Twitter attack!

So now that things are clearing up with Twitter, do you still use Twitter as much as you did or are you slacking off a bit? It’s took me a few days

Music, music everywhere and these are HOT!!!!

So you love music and you have a big collection of track on your iTunes or a mass of CDs in your collection, but what about some amazing mashups free! Those of

Twitter gets attacked!

Those of us that use Twitter like a religion and visit the church of tweeting constantly will have noticed that over the last couple of days there has been some major problems

How To Unfollow Non Tweeting Tweeters On Twitter

Now there comes a time when you may have a some Twitters that you follow that haven’t posted for ages (stale twitter followers), I don’t mean a week or two I mean

UK Heatwave to Break Temperature Records!

It’s time to slap on the sun lotion as soon as you can if your living or visiting our little island this week as we prepare for a heatwave to hit the

Michael Jackson dead at 50

So there I was watching the TV late last night when up popped the news that Michael Jackson was dead! Could this be right or was it another celebrity hoax, sadly no,

Sad News: David Carradine Found Dead in Thailand aged 72

Sad news indeed about the star of the 70’s series Kung Fu and more recently as Bill in the Kill Bill movies. David Carradine was born in Hollywood on 8th December 1936