Sakis Gouzonis: New Earth [Music Review]

I just love it when I get an email saying “I have an album out, would you like to review it?” It’s one of the ways that I can discover new music and some new artists.

A little while back an email dropped in my inbox about an album called New Earth by 8-time international award-winning composer Sakis Gouzonis, so how could I miss the opportunity of getting his album and giving it the music review treatment here on my blog!

The first name that always springs to my mind when I hear the term “Greek Artist” is Vangelis and I’m a big fan of his, specially the Blade Runner soundtrack, so I was intrigued to hear what this album by Sakis sounded like, with a track record of awards won for his musical compositions, I just couldn’t wait to get his CD on my iTunes and get playing it.

So on to the album, New Earth

New Earth CD CoverThe first track on the album “From The Sky” is just so bubbly and a really happy sounding track, it brings back the days of how original electronica used to sound, with its flowing beat, it’s bouncy bass and its gorgeous sounds keyboards, off to a good start so far then 😉

Too be honest the album does  have a similar sound throughout, though a few tracks do change tempo, giving you a break from the pop-electronica feel of the album, “Eternal Peace” might be one of my favourites as it slows the beat down and has some gorgeous chords that are a bit like Jean-Michel Jarre, very nice indeed.

Then it’s back to the happy sounding tracks, the album does, to me, have that Greek feel to it and it’s one of those albums that does bring you into a euphoria of complete happiness, something that is needed in this day and age.

So, would I recommend the album?

Yes I would, after writing this music review, I would also recommend that you check out the other albums by Sakis Gouzonis, it’s nice to hear something different instead of mad guitars, excessive drum n bass and the usually hip hop that knocking about at the moment and if you’re open to listening to something that you may have listened to in the past then this album is certainly one of those to listen to.

I mean over 150,000 MySpace fans can’t be wrong and being one of the most popular artists on PureVolume, iSound and IMRadio. So check him out, also take a look at the Official Sakis Gouzonis website for more info and album downloads.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham