It’s been a long wait to get a BlackBerry, but thanks to @quiffylaa31 I managed to get one, after her contract went and she got a new BlackBerry I got her old one, which is just like new.

The thing I wasn’t sure about was setting up a second BlackBerry to be able to use the internet via the phone and to use it for emails, Twitter and FaceBook. So after surfing the net and asking questions, I finally got it up and running.

[D]How Easy Is It To Set Up A Second Hand BlackBerry?

Well for me it was quite easy, the phone was already using the Orange network, which I’m on anyway, so it was simply a case of putting my SIM Card into the BlackBerry Curve from my old phone and then phoning Orange on 450 and talking to customer services to set up the phone with a BlackBerry Plan.

Then it was down to changing settings and adding my own email address to get my emails, logging in to FaceBook, Twitter and foursquare were simple and now they are up and running now as well.

Now all I need a USB lead to hook up to my computer 😉

How Much Is The BlackBerry Plan on Orange?

It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, it only costs £5 per month for the services to enable me to use the net and use Twitter, FaceBook and have my emails sent to the phone, I think you must have at least £5 in your phone for the service to continue, which I normally do.

As well as having the BlackBerry Plan up and running I’m on the Dolphin tariff on Pay As You Go, so this also gives me 300 free texts a month and 100MB of free internet access, which is plenty for doing what I want to do with my BlackBerry.

So there you have it, it was simple for me to set up my BlackBerry, but please note, it may be different if you are using a phone that me be locked to a network, in this case you will have to contact the network to have the phone unlocked..

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham