It’s probably a question you may have asked or been asked about your Social Rank, I know I have asked and been asked, so the other day, while surfing the net, I came across a website that would let me know.

Many of you that have read Blazing Minds for a while or even searched the internet about “Verified Followers” on Twitter will have seen the article I wrote sometime back on “How To Find Out Which Verified Users Follow You On Twitter“, well this site that I stumbled upon takes that article one step further and better.

Social Rank Dashboard

Learning Your Social Rank

The website is called Social Rank (, it not only shows you your verified followers on Twitter, it shows you so much more, such as the most valuable, most engaged, best followers and verified followers and it’s so easy to use, you simply log in with your Twitter and your away.

Social Rank will scan your followers and following and in short period email you that the results are ready for you to view your stats.

SocialRank Report 1

The dashboard will give you the top in each group when you return to the site to grab your stats, showing you Most Valuable Follower, Most Engaged Follower and Best Follower, which you can see via mine in the graphic above.

On the left of the screen are the options/pages that you can visit to check out the even more of the above.

Social Rank Sidebar Options

What Is Most Valuable Followers (MVF)

MVF tells you about who your most valuable, important, and useful followers are, whether they interact with you or not.
What Can You Do With This Info?┬áThis is a great insight for individuals and brands looking to “activate” a potentially un-engaged, but very valuable, follower.

On this page, as with the others that I will be mentioning shortly, you have the option to “Export List to Twitter”, this is perfect if you want to maybe not follow them all and want a list of those twitter users that you would like to tweet with, but also keep your numbers down.
Social Rank MVF Ellen DeGeneres
The list gives you the top 100 for you to see, as do the other lists.

What is Most Engaged Follower (MEF)?

MEF tells you who, out of your followers, has engaged with you the most recently.

What Can You Do With This Info? This is a great way for individuals and brands to identify the accounts that engage with them the most. A brand can reward their MEF’s and turn them into superfans.

Social Rank MEF Techwork_dk

As with MVF, this section gives you all the same stats of the top 100 Most Engaged Followers and you can also export them to a Twitter List if you so wish.

What is a Best Follower?

Best Follower is the perfect combination of your most valuable and most engaged follower in the past 30 days.

What Can You Do With This Info? Your best followers are accounts that interact with you and have the most reach. These are the followers you want to take extra special care of.

Social Rank Best Follower BBC iPlayer

As with the other lists, you can also add this one to a Twitter List if you wish.

What are Verified Followers?

Verified Followers are the accounts that follow you on Twitter that have the cool blue check mark. Getting verified on Twitter is the ultimate status level, granted only to brands, celebs, athletes and media people.

What Can You Do With This Info? Your verified followers are accounts that have the highest level of status on Twitter. Identifying them is tantamount to understanding your reach potential.

I know this is what you have all been waiting for, the Verified Twitter Followers, this is the list that will show you those followers with that little tick that are following your account, as with the other lists, you can also export them to a new list on Twitter, but only the top 100, but don’t worry, there is a way of getting them all by upgrading your account.

As I mentioned earlier in this post I have touched on Verified Twitter Accounts before and many people are still looking for ways of seeing which Verified Users follow them and for me Social Rank is great for this very purpose.

I’ve tested the site for several days now and been back and forth with the developers, with questions etc about the site and I have to say, they were very good at answering the questions I was throwing at them and giving me some help with several things.

Before I finish this little article I would also like to point out just a few other nice touches that Social Rank has with regards to its lists.

Social Rank Yoko Ono

As you can see from the Yoko Ono’s image above you can see some of the basic stats such as, followers, following, number of tweets made and links. The links are not 100%, but they are pretty damn close, the Linkedin didn’t seem right to me but the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare seemed to be the right ones.

So if you want to follow your Verified Twitter Follower on other social networks then give them a click and you can.

My overall thoughts for Social Rank are that it’s what most Twitter users have waited for, the option for creating lists is a brilliant way to keep up to date with those Tweeps that are of value to your Twitter following, I’m certainly making the most of it for myself and created my Twitter Lists.

My only downside is that you have to delete a list to repopulate a list with the updates, but this is not a major problem, simply delete your list on Twitter and then export a new one.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham