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#CrackTheFeverCode Launches on Twitter

If you’re a fan of the Maze Runner series then we have some brilliant news for you today, bestselling author James Dashner has released exclusive content from the brand new prequel to

Why We Changed The Blazing Minds Twitter

Sometimes there comes a time when you have to make some changes and the other day, changes were made to the Official Blazing Minds Twitter to move along with the branding of

7 Steps for Running a Giveaway on your Blog

We’ve not done an article like this in a while, so thought we would get this one posted up, many of you who read the Blazing Minds posts will have seen we

Are You Being Bullied or Abused On Twitter?

Let’s face it, folks, this happens and there are so many people who are the victims of bullying and abuse on Twitter, it can be a horrible sensation and something that you

Top 5 Ways To Annoy Your Twitter Followers

If, like me, you are a big fan of Twitter and enjoy watching the tweets fly by on your timeline, ReTweeting some of those strange but interesting tweets to your followers, adding

Twitter Verification, How Do You Get Verified on Twitter?

We’ve probably all thought about Twitter Verification at one time or another, those of us who have had our Twitter accounts cloned/copied in the past would love that little tick, but it

Blazing Minds Listed in the Top 100 Technology Blogs

Great news folks, Blazing Minds has been listed at number 42 in a list of the Top 100 Technology Blogs. It has been a while since we posted a technology article, but

Blazing Minds Celebrate 6 Years With #BMBig6

We can’t believe that 6 years has gone passed since we first officially launched Blazing Minds to the world, of course back then the website site was very different to what it

How To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

I’ve been asked many a time by friends about followers on Twitter and how to find out who has unfollowed you, so I thought it was about time I brought you another

What is your Social Rank and Who is Your Most Valuable Twitter Follower?

It’s probably a question you may have asked or been asked about your Social Rank, I know I have asked and been asked, so the other day, while surfing the net, I

The Madness, Filming, Interviewing and Much More This Weekend at …

It’s almost that time again folks, the time of year that we pack up all our gear, grab our schedules and head across Wales to join thousands of people who are descending

Blazing Minds Took Part in the First #ChesterTweetUp

Another Tweet Up this week, but this time it wasn’t arranged by ourselves, this one was based in Chester and organised by ChesterTweets. The event took place at┬áHouse Bar and Restaurant in