If, like me, you are a big fan of Twitter and enjoy watching the tweets fly by on your timeline, ReTweeting some of those strange but interesting tweets to your followers, adding them to your faves to read later or to even show that you have seen them to the tweeter that posted it, then you may have seen some of the most annoying things on Twitter that can lose you followers!

So today, I thought we would go back to the world of Twitter for today’s article, something that I haven’t done for a while, but I thought that it was time to bring to your attention just some of the things that you may be doing that are annoying the heck out of your followers and you don’t realise you are doing them.

Top Ways To Annoy Your Twitter Followers

1. Churning

Now many of you will now be sitting there scratching your heads thinking, “what on Earth is Churning?“, well my dear readers, let me tell you.

[Tweet “What on Earth is Churning?”]

Churning is something that is done by people using Twitter just to gain numbers, they generally follow lots of people, that they have either copied from someone else’s followers or from a keyword that they have searched for in Twitter search. The churning comes when they wait for that person to follow them, as soon as they get the follow, they unfollow, to keep their followers count up and their following count down.

Also they will follow and then within minutes if they haven’t received a follow back, they unfollow. A true churner will actually do this several times with the same accounts, my advice is to block them!

2. Direct Message Spam

This has always been something that is in the majority of the articles I have written, it’s not only a pain, but it is something that is generally done with automated software!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the kind DM that comes through with a follow, such as, “Thanks for following my account, it’s very much appreciated.”, but when it comes to those DMs that come in when you follow that are trying to sell you something, now that is a pain in the backside!

It’s like cold-calling, the last thing you want when you follow someone is that message coming through, trying to sell you something that you have no interest in, or even worse, DMs with links that really don’t look safe to click, watch out for that time of DM Twitter Spam!

3. Automated Thank You Tweets

For me this is one of my most hated things on Twitter that really annoys me and after speaking to many other users, it really annoys them to. Not only is it annoying, but if you don’t follow that many people it will fill your timeline up with “Thank you” tweets from the person you may be following.

Automated Twitter Thank You Spam

What not to do on Twitter!

I have seen many people using these lately and thanks to Twitter you now have more options on what to do with the said annoying Twitter users, you can unfollow, block or even mute their tweets from your timeline. But why would you want to automate your Twitter to do this in the first place, let’s face it in time the Twitter account will probably get noticed by Twitter and the persons tweets will no longer appear in the Twitter Search or they may even get kicked off twitter. So is it really worth it in the end?

4. Over Automation on Twitter

Very much like number 3 above, over automating your Twitter account can also annoy the heck out of your followers, yes by all means share other Bloggers articles via the likes of TwitterFeed, Triberr or Viral Content Buzz, but keep the tweets far and few between. Don’t post up a tweet every 5-10 minutes, keep them to a minimum, try to at least have around 2 hours between each tweet or only allow around 4-5 tweets a day.

I’ve seen accounts pumping out tweets every 5 minutes and it is really annoying, not only that, but very much like I mentioned earlier, it can get your Twitter accounts tweets removed from the Twitter search or worse still, get your account closed.

[Tweet “Don’t over automate your Twitter feed!”]

5. Spamming Multiple Followers with “Buy Followers” Tweets

This is something that has been on the rise recently, those spammers on Twitter that see you mention the words, “follow”, “followers” and “following”, then within in seconds of you tweeting you get that tweet with your name, several others and a link to a site promising x amount of followers for x amount of money.

[Tweet “Do Not Buy Twitter Followers, 9 Times Out of 10 They Are FAKE!”]

DO NOT CLICK ON THEIR LINKS! The odds are the links are to either a site that will hack your account or give you thousands of fake twitter followers!

Take a look at the user that has sent you the tweet, is it working for them! Most probably not, if it was such a wonderful and fool-proof system, then why do they only have a small amount of followers, wouldn’t they have thousands of followers, and not under 100!! Think about it!!

[Tweet “Tweeting to FAKE followers is like banging your head against a brick wall!”]

Don’t Annoy Your Twitter Followers

So there you have it dear readers, that’s my top 5 ways to annoy your Twitter followers, so now it’s over to you, is there any more that you can add, may be there are some that really choke you up to the point of screaming at your Twitter feed. Let me know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Tara R Petar – Administrator at The UK Ghostbusters http://www.theukghostbusters.co.uk/

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham