T’Pau Performed live at the Rhyl Pavilion and Lee Howard was there for the evening, here’s his review and awesome photographs of Carol Decker.

This is not the first time I have been in the company of the pop goddess Carol Decker and her mercenaries that make up 80’s music sensation T’pau. As a fresh-faced 17yr old music explorer I was mesmerised by the flame haired beauty that had the voice that could fill any hall, but after 25 years could Carol and the boys blow me away again?

I arrived at the Pavilion theatre in RHYL up on the North Wales coast, this is a venue I am familiar with so I fell into the normal routine, The support act on this leg of T’Pau UK tour is a young musician called Nick Pendry, the Welsh singer/songwriter opened the show with his slick acoustic set, after around 30 minutes and rapturous applause from the audience it was time.

Nick Pendry

The Rhyl show fell right in the middle of their 29 date UK tour and it showed, the band were well into their stride, slick vocals and a tight sound. There was a diverse audience a mixture of the inquisitive (wondered what the fuss was all about) and the die hards (still making a fuss), Opening the show with Sex Talk it did feel that the fans were sitting on their hands and waiting for the big hitters, but as Carol and the boys moved into their set it became clear that this was going to build into a night of nostalgia and great music.
T’Pau have not reformed for this tour, in fact they only broke for seven of the last twenty-five years, and are a hard-working band. Like many other bands their jewel in the crown is a past glory, by no means is this group a one hit wonder but as Carol even admitted herself the reason they and the audience were there is because of the 1987 four times platinum album Bridge of Spies.

Produced by Roy Thomas Baker who was famed for also producing Queens Bohemian Rhapsody, Bridge of Spies gave birth to hit singles China in your hand, Heart & Soul and for me the best song from the Rhyl show I will be with you. For me Bridge of Spies is one of those albums that we rarely see the like of today, an album that produces hit singles, and plenty of them. back in the 80’s we had Michel Jackson’s Thriller, Billy Joel’s Innocent Man, Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night, wonderful comparisons indeed, but Bridge of Spies is a great album, and today these songs are still as memorable as they were back in 1987.

Carol Decker - T'Pau

This tour will finish in Leeds on June 16th a week before T’Pau join up with the Here and Now tour in Falkirk Scotland. I do hope to see more of the band, more material and certainly more touring. Now in her early 50’s Carol has a burning ambition for one more hit single, is that possible? YES. Maybe not the traditional way, it may even be a re-release  Peter Andre appearance on I’m a celebrity raised his profile, even social networking campaigns have brought chart toppers, but one thing I do know, T’Pau on the 17th May 2013 at the Pavilion theatre in RHYL entertained me and everyone in that room, they looked like they still loved what they do, and they did it in absolute style.

Rating 5/5

Carol Decker - T'Pau

Photography by Lee Howard
Words by Lee Howard


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham