Surfing around the internet the other day I came across a website called a Twitter Tool that helps you increase your Twitter followers, but before I carry on, I must mention that this is not an automated program and you must take responsibility in following and unfollowing in a non aggressive way as you can be banned from Twiends and worse of all from Twitter.


Twiends Review

Twiends is simple to use, you simple sign up with your Twitter and then you are on your way, you will get some bonus free credits (more on them later) for joining so those should help you on your way, you can earn credits by following tweeters or you can pay for a set amount of credits for a low price.

A good feature about Twiends is you can set your location and your interests, this will then allow you to see who has the same interests or location as yourself, so you can choose who you want to follow and the same goes for those following you.

Twiends - Get twitter followers, facebook fans and website visitors!Now the only problem I have seen with this, and this usually the same with most Twitter Tools, is the spammers, they are far and few between, but you will still get those “adult” twitters following you, you know the ones I mean 😉 So keep an eye on who is following you, better safe than sorry. Unless you don’t care and just want the numbers.

When I joined I opted to also subscribe to the RSS feed which gave me some bonus free credits, I also opted to try the 200 credits and VIP status for $5.95, as a test to see how it works, so in a months time, I’ll post again with a round up of my experience with Twiends

Since I originally wrote this post about Twiends have now have several more options, these include adding your FaceBook pages to get more likes and adding your website to gain some extra hits. Another point to make, is that the option to “Twiend” every one on one page has now gone and you must select each Twiend one at a time, I dare say this is to do with Twitters guidelines on mass following Tweeters.

Twiends has also gone through a re-design with the site, looking much fresher and more professional than it previous incarnation 😉

Added Bonus FREE Twiends Credits!

Grab them while you can, these are are couple of codes that will give you Extra Twiends Credits to grab some new followers.

  • OK1SA5T (50 credits)
  • G341UP (50 credits)

Happy Twiending 😉

Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds. She is also a Cinema reviewer, based at the Scala in Prestatyn and at the many Cineworld screens, where she reviews the latest movies, she has also had several articles published in various publications. In 2015 she became an Award Winning Blogger and also has her website listed as one of the UK's Top 10 Film Blogs.
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham