Inactive Twitter Users, What Do You Do With Them!

One of the most popular blog posts here on Blazing Minds happens to be “How To Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Twitter” and in that post I talk about using a Twitter Tool to find those tweeters that may have followed you and then unfollowed you. But what about those inactive Twitter users that you may have followed, but they don’t do anything.

Yes I know I’ve posted about this in “How To Unfollow Non Tweeting Tweeters On Twitter” but I thought it may be a good idea to give you some further options and some other Twitter Tools that do the same thing and to see if they are all correct.

Are You Unfollowing Someone Who IS Tweeting?

So I took 3 Twitter Websites to test the theory that sometimes you could be unfollowing loads of inactive twitter users for not tweeting, when in fact, they are tweeting. By removing them could in turn do a slight be of damage to your Klout score and your reputation!


JustUnFollow - Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

Now this seems to be a very popular Twitter Tool for many tweeters, not only can you UnFollow your non-followers you can also check your Fans, All Followers and Inactive Followers.

You are limited to 50 unfollows a day, unless you opt for a premium upgrade, but hey 50s not too bad.

The only slight issue I have with JustUnFollow when it comes to finding those inactive tweeters users is the way that after only a few are displayed, you have to keep clicking more to load more up, which can be a little annoying, but besides that it’s not too bad.

After loading up a few I checked to see if the tweeters were indeed inactive and out of 50, 48 were in fact inactive, so good there then.

Then it’s just a case of unfollowing those that you aren’t bothered about, if there are some you want to keep following, such as celebs or SEO experts etc., then don’t unfollow them.


ManageFlitter - Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

After connecting you Twitter to ManageFlitter and your Twitter followers etc have been scanned you will land on the main page showing those that are not following back, so just click on the left hand button that says “Inactive”, you will then see the count of how many Tweeters are inactive and you will get 100 Tweeters per page.

Hover over a Tweeter will give you information about them such as Tweets per day, when they setup a Twitter account, total tweets, friends and followers.

It’s then up to you to select the Tweeters you want to unfollow and then hit the unfollow button, you can also select “expand” to show 100 mini avatars of the Tweeters so you can highlight them all via your mouse.

Again I tested a range of the tweeters that the Twitter App found and it didn’t make any mistakes with 49 out of the 50 wither inactive for more than a month or never tweeted at all.


Tweepi - Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

I have to admit that I do use Tweepi quite a lot, not just for checking out those inactive Tweeters users, but also for checking out new potential followers that are interesting enough for me to add to my Twitter List and occasional follow back.

Now the problem here with Tweepi, when it comes to inactive followers, is the way that the Tweeters are loaded and listed.

Tweepi loads up 20 at a time, though if you tweet about Tweepi it will load 40, but this is still an issue to find inactive Twitter users, as it will only list those loaded, so you may have to sift through several pages to see them all.

But besides this little set back, Tweepi does have a selection of columns that you can add or remove, to enable you to make your decision to unfollow them or not, but it is time-consuming.

Yet again this Twitter App did do extremely well with a 50 out of 50 when it came to checking those inactive Twitter Users.

A Final Word About Choosing To Remove Your Inactive Twitter Followers.

It all comes down to a personal choice of your side when it comes to unfollowing, some may just keep following just for the sake of building a massive amount of followers, but this in turn, can dilute your Twitter influence, also making your Twitter stream extremely busy!

Some may just only follow close friends, some choose to add others to Twitter lists and some put their Twitter on auto follow, following everyone who follows, no matter the language they speak or the SPAM that they may be getting.

So as I said earlier, it’s all personal choice, so these Twitter Apps are just a guideline on what you can use to help control your Twitter account that little bit more easily.

A Note To UnFollowing And Churning!

Don’t unfollow too many Tweeters in one go and don’t follow someone and as soon as they follow back, unfollow them, this can easily get you banned from Twitter and lets face it, you don’t want that do you!

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