It’s that time of the year when love is the air, people are booking those romantic meals, having nights out and nights in. But today, North Wales’ Canned Media have released a one-off showing of their new production Valentines.

Steven Arnold who played Ashley Peacock in the soap who not only co-directs the short production along with director Lee Howard but also has a cameo in as Duncan, the short film follows two characters Jimmy played by Jonny Dixon (Boy Meets Girl, Coronation Street) and Maria played by Jennifer Howell (Swingers Part 1) as they go on a disastrous date on Valentines Day. The film also has a supporting cast including Gemma Haughton, Roy Kennedy Daykin and Lauren Bracken.

Filmed in the Sun Inn in Rhyl, North Wales, the production team worked long hours during the day to bring the story to the screen.

“I contacted Steve, who I’ve worked with a lot and we decided to go with it and found ourselves in sunny North Wales making it.

“It’s a short story about someone who arranges a blind date on Valentine’s Day in a social club, but there are twists and it is quite a nice little tale.

“I loved the idea because these guys don’t match, they are like chalk and cheese, and it really works.” – Lee Howard (Source)

Lee told Blazing Minds, “We are busy editing and getting the short ready to go out on Valentines Day for a one-off showing“.

Blazing Minds were on the set during the filming of the film and it was an exciting day to see the set dressing and the filming of the film.

Behind The Scenes - Valentines - Social Club

Behind The Scenes – Valentines – Social Club (Photo Blazing Minds)

Behind The Scenes - Valentines - Bar

Behind The Scenes – Valentines – Bar (Photo Blazing Minds)

The Canned Media team have been posting updates out on their Social Media with the build up to the screening of Valentines, with many images being of behind the scenes of putting the edit together for the screening.

As mentioned earlier, Valentines is having a one-off screening, so here at Blazing Minds, we have been given the link to the showing, which you can find below where you will be able to watch the short film here on the website.

Of course, we would love to hear your feedback on the short film and we have left the comments open so that you can give you views on Valentines, we the now the director will be keeping an eye on the site to see your feedback so please leave a comment.

Valentines One-Off Screening

Have you watched Valentines? Then leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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