Wales Got Talent Auditions a Success and Tickets go on Sale for the Rhyl Live Shows

With the auditions for Wales Got Talent, organised by Garden Den in Prestatyn, at the Rhyl Town Hall, North Wales, now finished, it’s now time for them to move on to the first of the Live Shows. Last Sunday (7th October) saw the contestants dwindled down to the last 15, as hopefuls took the plunge to see if they had what it takes to take part in the talent show that will see the finals happening on the 14th December (tickets available soon) with the winner bagging a £200 prize.

Wales Got Talent takes place at the Rhyl Town Hall (photo by Karen Woodham/Blazing Minds)

I was honoured to be asked as one of the judges for Wales Got Talent along with Danielle Johnson and a series of guest judges with the first week’s guest Gaz Dale aka BatGaz, who proceeded through the auditions in character as Batman, suffice to say he not only had us judges in stitches but also the organisers and some of the budding contestants, the first day of auditions was wrought with some amazingly talented young people, including a Freddie Mercury tribute.

The second week of auditions featured Lolly Tomlinson-Roberts as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who delighted us with her wonderful singing in-between the shot breaks we had and also brought a smile to the young contestants when they saw Belle as a judge, which also put their nerves more at ease when they starting performing for the judges.

The third week of the auditions returned the Town Hall in Rhyl with myself and Danielle, with Lolly returning as the guest but this time out of costume and in her everyday clothes, the third set of auditions was extremely busy with so many people turning up for their last chance to show us what their talents were.

From dancers to singers, there was a bit of everything, it’s been wonderful seeing so many talented people coming forward from around the area and even from Broughton to make it through to the quarter-finals in a hope to get through to that final live show in December.

Wales Got Talent Judges with contestants (L-R Lolly Tomlinson-Roberts, Karen Woodham, Liam Thomas Blears, Danielle Johnson)

This has been the first time that I’ve had to face contestants in a talent contest, I was a judge a while back during a short film festival, which was easier than this, at least you don’t have to say that terrible word of “No”! So its very unnerving when contestants walk into the room, not only for Wales Got Talent judges but also for them as they wondered if they will make the cut or not.

Wales Got Talent Judges Take Time-Out

But it wasn’t a case of us all being serious all of the time, there were moments when we could just throw off the judges serious side and have a little fun. Such as the team getting together during the dinner break to dance the “Baby Shark” and BatGaz just found it a little too much excitement lol.

The second week was even more fun with many more contestants attending for a chance to win the “Yes” votes from the judges, in the two weeks so far there has been a wide range of ages and performances from some very talented contestants, week two had his in awe of Alexandar Oliver and his wonderful self-written music, plus the wonderful vocal talents of David Steven Moulden with his amazing rendition of Bring Him Home, now we’re looking forward to seeing what week three, the final auditions, bring to the Rhyl Town Hall.

Also, the judges and production team were asked to do another challenge and week 2 saw them doing the Mannequin Challange, check it out in the video below.

Local Contestants Have Got What It Takes in Wales Got Talent

The Quarter-final took place again in Rhyl at the Town Hall and it was one of the toughest jobs that I’ve had to do as we had to choose 14 contestants from the many that had auditions to go through to the semi-final on 24 November followed by the live final on 14 December also at the Rhyl Town Hall. Tickets for the live finals are available now for the Semi-Finals and the Finals will be on sale soon.

Judges at the Wales Got Talent Quarter Finals

Judges at Wales Got Talent Quarter Finals – (l-r Danielle Johnson, Lolly Tomlinson-Roberts and Karen Woodham) (Photo by Combat Wombat Inc.)

The judges and the production team will be working with the contestants to get them ready for the first of the live shows, the Semi-Finals, which will be at the Rhyl Town Hall on the 24th November, tickets for the show are available online from Eventbrite –, Silvers Cafe in Rhyl and the Rhyl Town Hall.

Wales Got Talent has been put together, funded and produced by Garden Den who has brought the auditions and live shows to Rhyl.

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Wales Got Talent production team would like to thank the superb sponsors for their first year, these include: Silvers Cafe, Place2Print, Amazengrave, Merlin Cinemas, SLJ Photography, Rhyl Comic and Disco, Rhyl RNLI, For Every Occasion -Balloon Artists, Stage It, Blazing Minds, The Net Print Shop, Chester Comic Co and Chester Comic Con 2018.

Wales Got Talent judges and contestants (Photo by Combat Wombat Inc.)

So, all that leaves me to say is a big thanks to the many talented folks that have been to Wales Got Talent auditions and I’m looking forward to seeing all those that got a yes again soon, but it’s going to be so tough in the finals to windle down the contestants!

Wales Got Talent Tickets for Rhyl Live Shows go on Sale

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates and news on the Blazing Minds and Wales Got Talent social media channels. Tickets for the Semi-Finals on sale NOW and are selling quick! The Live Final show’s tickets will be on sale in November.

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