The Lodger – New Classical Score For A Hitchcock Masterpiece

If you read Blazing Minds often then you will know that there are a lot of articles about music and film reviews, recently there was a brilliant article on 6 Great Film Noir Movies which was right up my street for films, then only the other day I was sent a review copy of the new upcoming soundtrack for the newly remastered Hitchcock classic The Lodger.

Suffice to say I was over the moon to not only find out that in October, Alfred Hitchcock’s first thriller, “The Lodger: The Story of the London Fog” is going to be released, digitally restored from the existing  negatives bringing the film back to life and restored ready for film fans everywhere.

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lodger

As I mentioned earlier The Lodger was originally released in 1926 and was written by Eliot Stannard. It stars matinée heart-throb Ivor Novello as the mysterious lodger who is suspected of being a serial killer only known as The Avenger, who has a taste for blondes. The Avenger rents at room at the Brownings’, whose daughter just happens to be dating the detective in charge of investigating the murders.

The Lodger was made for the new Gainsborough Studios and was heavily influenced by the German expressionist movement and films such as “Nosferatu” and “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari”. The inspiration can be seen in Hitchcock’s stylized shots and use of light, which were designed to reflect the metal states of the characters.

The Lodger – New Classical Score For A Hitchcock Masterpiece

Being a lover of music, I was totally over the moon to be given a chance to check out the soundtrack of The Lodger before its official release date. This two disc set is a pure musical masterpiece bringing to life the silent Hitchcock classic, each track gives you the feel of something sinister, funny and mysterious, all of which are needed when watching a good silent movie.

Talking about the new score Nitin Sawhney says, “I always hoped to follow in the footsteps of the great Hitchcock composer, Bernard Hermann. He has been one of my major heroes and influences since I was a kid. What I find amazing is that, since I am scoring a silent Hitchcock film from 1027, Bernard Herman will now posthumously follow in my footsteps instead! As a long serving judge for the Ivor Novello awards I was delighted to be scouring the one Hitchcock film that features Ivor Novello himself. A film that has all the earmarks of a genius director making his first foray into the world of suspense, this is a gift to score and I am enjoying the process more than I even imagined. I can’t wait to hear the London Symphony Orchestra play it.

I do love silent movies, The Artist was such a breath of life in to a rather stale state that Hollywood is at the moment, I would love to see more of the classic silent films being re-released and luckily The Lodger will be getting a world premier of the newly restored version courtesy of Network Releasing and the BFI, the film will also be accompanied by Nitin Sawhney and the London Symphony Orchestra performing the score live along with the film.

So if you want to be part of this momentous event then it will be at The Barbican on July 21st as part of the LOGOC London Festival 2012 celebrations.

The Lodger – Nitin Sawhney

Nitin Sawhney has a great history of working with other muscians, he has not only scored and performed with many of the world’s leading orcgestras, he’s also collaborated with and written for the likes of Paul McCartney, Sting, Brian Eno, Jeff Beck, Sinead O’Connor, Will Young to name but a few.

He is also the recipient of 4 honoray doctorates from British universities, is a fellow of LIPA and the Southbank University, an Associate of Sadler’s Well, sits on the board for London’s Somerset House and in 2007 turned down an OBE for ethical reasons.

Network Releasing will be issuing this new soundtrack of The Lodger on the 23rd July (RRP £12.99) and it’s composed and performed by acclaimed, multi-award winning musician and composer Nitin Sawhney with the London Symphony Orchestra.

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