Welcome to Blazing Minds The Award Winning Entertainment Blog!

Hi all, let me introduce myself, my name is Karen Woodham and I started the Blazing Minds blog as a form of getting information out for North Wales and further afield and it’s working.

Thomas Nicholas (Kevin from American Pie) and Award Winning Blogger Karen Woodham (Blazing Minds)

Thomas Nicholas (Kevin from American Pie) and Karen Woodham (Blazing Minds) in Central Station in Wrexham during Thom’s “Turn It To 11” UK Tour.

Seriously though, blogging has always been a passion ever since getting the first taste of it some years back in 2008 and finding that it is just so damn addictive, since starting Blazing Minds I have blogged about a wide range of topics from everyday observations to blogging and twitter tips, it’s all here ready for you to read on the “North Wales Number One Website” 😉

I’ve also been blessed with getting some pretty amazing freebies to review from companies and individuals looking to show off their wares, these include a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups, EZ Comb, merchandise from EMI, Aveeno creams, a sample of Absinthe and the list goes on 😉

Since starting Blazing Minds I’ve met many new bloggers, made lots of friends, via other blogs and this one from comments made on posts and I hope to keep going for as long as possible, so please browse the blog and enjoy 😉

Building A Reputation With My Official Blazing Minds Twitter Account

I have also built my Twitter following up over the years with my Official Twitter for this website @BlazingMinds, which also not only brings the latest posts from the blog to the Twitter world, but the Official Blazing Minds Twitter is also the place to find loads more exclusive news, photos and my madcap antics of my daily routines. I’ve also got my own Twitter for my other stuff that I tweet about, you can find that at @KarenNWoodham.

My Twitter account has recently broken the 30,400 mark of followers and it is consistently growing and building a larger reputation and is getting to the point of being one of the most popular Twitter accounts on the North Wales coast, apparently.

I’ve also been lucky to work with at many events which I’ve also tweeted from such as The Sci-Fi Weekender, Wales Comic Con and much more.

I am hoping that sooner or later Twitter will take it upon themselves to kindly verify my account for me and show that this is my official twitter account, you never know they may do one day, fingers crossed.

I’ve also been lucky to make friends with Thomas Nicholas, @TINBand, and in 2012 during his UK tour he asked if he could take over my Twitter account for a Twitter-Takeover to tweet my followers and his fans through my account, how could I not say yes.

A Local Celebrity Of Cinema, Theatre and Events

Karen Woodham - Wreck-It Ralph Promo

Karen Woodham with competition prizes for the Wreck-It Ralph promo

I’m pleased to announce that I have become the Official Movie Blogger/Reviewer for the Scala Cinema in Prestatyn, this is a real honour to have been given the role and I’m looking forward to working with the amazing team behind the cinema to bring you reviews of the latest movies and of live performances that are being broadcast onto the big screen.

I’ll also be bringing you news of upcoming movies etc that are coming to the cinema and you just never know there may be some competitions coming up for tickets as well.

Don’t worry I’m still bringing you the plays, musical events etc that are on at the Rhyl Pavilion, so you’ll also see those here on the website as well.

When I first started Blazing Minds back in 2008 I had a cloud of mystery where I had no photos and no one knew who was running the blog, but as time has gone by, this changed and as the popularity grew, so did the thirst for knowing who was behind the blog.

In 2010 I lifted the cloak and friends started posting pictures on the various networks, now on the odd occasion, I get asked, “Aren’t you the blogger” and “Are you the one that does the Film Reviews“, even had several times, “can I have your autograph?“. Very strange to be noticed just for blogging, I even get introduced as “this is the film reviewer I was telling you about“.

So was it a good idea to let people know who I am, oh hell yeah lol 😉

I’ve also had a collection of my articles printed in the Daily Post Newspaper, these include reviews of Now You See Me, Iron Man 3, Star Trek into Darkness, The Wolverine, R.I.P.D and most recently The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show Live.

Entertainment Is The Key To Having Fun

Award Winning Blogger Karen Woodham with Virginia Hey

Award Winning Blogger Karen Woodham with Virginia Hey

Over the years of blogging here on Blazing Minds, things have changed in the way I write and what I write about, the blog has moved towards the side of entertainment with all the movie reviews that I do, so I suppose you could say that now Blazing Minds is more in Entertainment niche than the mixed bag.

So as you can see Blazing Minds is getting more and more popular and I hope that I will be bringing you more exclusive event reviews and more backstage photos and articles very soon 😉

But don’t worry, I do still find time to throw in some mixed bag posts and have some great guest bloggers that also put their twist on things 😉

I’m also pleased to announce the launch of the new sister site called Ask The Usher, which is now up and running and is a key site for entertainment and what’s going on in North Wales, please stop by and check it out.
A little History

Way back in 1997 I started a solo career in music with the name of Remergence, sometime on I met up with JJ, who is now the second member of our duo and have produced several albums as well as some remixes for other artists.

I started this blog as an avenue to posting about things which have nothing to do with my musical side and wanted somewhere to post about anything I wanted, hence this blog.

Why is the blog called Blazing Minds? It was the first thing off the top of my head really and it’s easy for people to remember 😉

In 2015 I was lucky enough to get a cameo on the short film Ghost Train that was filmed here in North Wales, along with this came the opportunity to help the team behind the film with my social media knowledge, which in turn has led to me having some short film and music video credits (You can now find me on IMDB).

Karen Woodham and Corin Nemec at WCC2016 (photo by Adam Dawson)

Karen Woodham and Corin Nemec hanging out at WCC2016 (photo by Adam Dawson)

Event Photography

Along with the blogging side of Blazing Minds, I’ve also been able to hone my skills and do a lot of event photography and have had the pleasure of working some amazing actors and artists over the years including Kai OwenEve Myles and the one and only Brian Blessed OBE.

Brian Blessed OBE at Sci-Fi Weekender #SFW7, Hafan y Mor, Pwllheli

Photograph ©2016 (Karen Woodham, Blazing Minds)


National UK Awards Winning Blogger

Most recently I won in the individual events category at the National UK Blog Awards, this is a great honour and I am so proud and happy that the website has been noticed for the work that has gone into it and big thanks really has to go to all those that voted to help not only myself but also the website become an award-winning website.

A Final Word Of Gratitude

Without the support of all my friends, Chic FestivalsScala Cinema, Venue Cymru, Rhyl Pavilion and everyone that has supported myself and the blog since 2008, I would like to thank you all, your encouragement and kind words have given me the strength to keep going, so thank you, everyone you rock. If you would like to support Blazing Minds then tell Twitter that Blazing Minds should be Verified.