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Over the years that Blazing Minds has been around there have been many changes and the key changes have been the traffic for the website and its increase in its popularity since starting in 2008. Also with Blazing Minds winning a prestigious National UK Blog Award in April 2015 and several prestigious listings on Top 10 PR sites, the website has gone from strength to strength.

With the Blazing Minds on many social networks and the name becoming so well-known all over the world, it’s no wonder that so many people visit the site and love the work that is produced.

On this page, we will bring you some stats for Blazing Minds as well as some of the companies that we have worked with over the years.

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About Karen Woodham

Since starting my blog in 2008 I’ve met many new bloggers, made lots of friends, via other blogs and this one from comments made on posts and I hope to keep going for as long as possible, so please browse the blog and enjoy.

I had the chance to work with the likes of Brian BlessedThomas NicholasJimmy Cricket and many other great names in the entertainment industry.

Blogging is now a passion that is part of my life, so it’s the best thing I have ever started doing, been able to work with some great brands and people over the years, plus being a big fan of film, theatre and live events has given me the chance to work and play hard on the blog.


Blazing Minds is the first UK Blog I contact when wanting to communicate with an active and engaged film audience. The turnaround on creating content is fantastic yet still results in thorough, honest, well informed and passionate articles. You know you are in safe hands with the team at Blazing Minds and it is no surprise to see their awards and nominations
Fantastic to work with, great understanding of business and a joy to work with. Karen & Blazing Minds has never complicated anything and never made any mistakes, something rare in media these days. A reputable source recommended Blazing Minds to me and I can honestly say I owe them one.
Blazing MInds keeps you informed, updated and entertained. One of the TOP Blogzines out there. Karen's ability draw you into the story is unmatched.
Allen Lord GwyddelwernAl Geiner PR
Blazing Minds are one of the finest Blogs on the interwebs. Their coverage of various genre entertainments is second to none with informative articles and they really drill into the DNA of events they attend.
Over the years many news sites have come and gone, but I can always rely on Karen Woodham and the Blazing Minds site for timely, accurate reporting, news, reviews and information on a variety of geeky and music topics. Always interesting, Karen is tireless in keeping the content up to the minute. She's a powerhouse of energy and the site reflects this! Bravo!
David J HoweTelos Publishing
An outstanding interviewer, reviewer, blogger and photographer! You know you are in great hands when Karen from Blazing Minds is at a show. Some of our favourite band shots were taken by Karen at the Sci-Fi Weekender events we have performed at. Couldn’t recommend enough. Follow Blazing Minds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now. Blazing Minds gets a big HOT DANG from Darth Elvis & The Imperials.
I've just read my 1st Blog by Karen and you can feel the excitement of the 1st day and how proud the blazing mind team must feel after an amazing weekend of pure cosplay brilliance and fun from the guests, production team and it's followers. Can't wait to read part 2 and look forward to reading more of Karen's work. Thank you Karen and blazing minds.
Tony Crawford
Karen Woodham is an excellent blogger who gives attention to detail to any product or service she reviews. Her blog is has a high volume of traffic and an interactive audience and Karen is one of the bloggers I respect and admire online.
Justin GerminoDragonBlogger
Karen Woodham has always been on top of her game when it comes to movie reviews. Her posts are detailed and insightful. Karen infuses the perfect amount of information with opinion to generate discussions with her readers.
Victor SalazarMetallman’s Reverie
Karen Woodham is an amazing blogger. She is tapped into Social Networking and has a great way of writing that is sure to entertain. Her film reviews are thoughtful and entertaining and her work on Blazing Minds is superior.
Andrew BennettBenspark
Karen Woodham is an awesome writer and easily engages her readers. I often follow the advice of her movie reviews as they are ‘spot on’. Karen has compassion and a willingness to help others, and it shows in all the things she writes and blogs about. I’ve read some of her more compassionate pieces and they show her desire to be a part of inspiring and motivating others with her work
Sally Brown
Karen Woodham is a great blogger. She manages a few very popular blogs and is a great community leader!
Ann Smarty
When I see Karen Woodham has written a new movie review I make sure I take the time to come and investigate. The reviews are not of the critical view or directorial analysis type. I wouldn’t want to read them! instead, they are written by a movie watcher for movie watchers. By the end of the review I can always tell if the film would be a good match for me, Karen has a knack for getting the feel of a movie across in her reviews.
Andy BaileyComment Luv
Karen Woodham channels her passion for films into writing informed entertaining reviews for her website Blazing Minds. Her warm affable style has attracted a loyal readership to her website since 2008. As a long time follower of Blazing Minds, I admire Karen’s passion and ability to inform, inspire and infuse her readers with highly-engaging articles, from blogging and Twitter tips to memes and music reviews. I trust Karen’s opinion and can depend on her to provide an honest review every time.
Lauren SalkinThink Spin
Karen Woodham from Blazing Minds has always inspired me. I love that she is always kind and thoughtful and she’s also very talented musically. I remember when she would blog about anything and really didn’t have a niche blog so to speak. As time went by she experimented with all sorts of ideas but she always managed to maintain her unique outlook on the blogosphere. She does movie reviews these days but still manages to connect with her audience on a deeper level by sharing personal stories every now and then. She is also a bit of a celebrity these days, but she stays grounded and I think she is an awesome role model.”
Karen is a star blogger. She has managed to build a raving fan bases and is known to have the top entertainment blog in wales. She’s consistently excellent and has been around for a while, so her work ethic is some of the best I have encountered.
Top blogger and movie reviewer.
Enstine Muki
Karen has always and continues to support the theatre and will happily take time out of her busy schedule to review some of our shows. Nothing is too much trouble. She is a pleasure to work with


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