It was a bit of a short Sci-Fi Weekender for me this year, instead of doing the full weekend, I was only able to make it for the Saturday, but what an amazing Saturday it turned out to be.

Arriving at Hafan y Mor at around 10pm, I popped in to reception and met up with the SFW team for lots of hugs and chats about what had happened and what was happening during the day.

I have to say that it’s now like being part of a big family when going to the event that is held in Pwllheli each year, this was my fourth year at the event and it will be a year that I won;t forget in a hurry.

My first “space port” of call was indeed the space port, where the vendors were situated, I always pop in there first, it’s a chance to catch up with many of the authors that are selling their books to visitors.

It’s a great chance to catch up with Sam Stone, David J. Howe, Raven Dane, A.S. Chambers and of course Gareth Wiles (thanks for the book Gareth, looking forward to reading this one), to find out how they are doing and new books that they are working on or have just been released.

This time I also finally got to meet the lovely Linzi Gold, although sadly I missed her performance of her music the night before, but we had a great chat about this that and the other.

Blazing Minds Meets Garrett Wang

I am a fan of Star Trek, so when one of the organisers asked me if I would like to pop on over to the Mash & Barrel and spend a little time with Garrett Wang (Star Trek: Voyagers, Ensign Harry Kim) how could I refuse, so I popped on over and met him and arranged to meet up later for an informal chat.

Garrett Wang at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW7, Hafan y Mor, Pwllheli

Garrett Wang at SFW7 (Photograph ©2015 Karen Woodham – Blazing Minds)

What a lovely guy, Garrett is really down to earth and very passionate about what he does, when we met up for a chat, he told me how much he loved the venue for Sci-Fi Weekender and was surprised with the caravans, and wasn’t expecting what he got from a “trailer park”.

So we talked about Star Trek (obviously), such as fan movies, future projects and what else he has been up to since Star Trek: Voyager finished.

Torchwood Arrives Sci-Fi Weekender SFW7

As the day movie along, at a very fast pace I must add, there was another fantastic opportunity for me to work with some even more great names in the world of Doctor Who and Torchwood, none other than Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper in Torchwood) and Kai Owen (Rhys Williams in Torchwood)

Eve Myles and Kai Owen at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW7, Hafan y Mor, Pwllheli

Eve Myles and Kai Owen at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW7 (Photograph ©2016 Karen Woodham – Blazing Minds)

I have to say that when these two get together all hell breaks loose, they have such a fantastic stage presence together on stage, it’s very hard to photograph these two they had me in stitches during their interview with my lovely friend Sam Stone, but the fans love them. My hat of to Sam for keeping the pair of them under some sort of control.

Sam Stone SFW7

Sam Stone Checking questions for Eve and Kai (Photograph ©2016 Karen Woodham – Blazing Minds)

Sci Fi Weekend “DIVE!”

This year’s Sci-Fi Weekender was a special occasion for me, as this year I got to photograph the one and only Brian Blessed when he took to the stage for an interview with Professor Elemental, well when I say interview Brian certainly took over the stage which his powerful voice and interesting and very funny stories from his time treading the boards to his moments in film and the space program!

Brian Blessed at Sci-Fi Weekender #SFW7, Hafan y Mor, Pwllheli

Brian Blessed – (Photograph ©2016 Karen Woodham, Blazing Minds)

Professor Elemental was loving every minute of it though, what an honour to share the stage with such an amazing actor, the Prof just sat back and let Brian get on with it, with the occasional popping in and asking a quick question for Brian to “DIVE!” in and tell the audience all about something. The audience loved every moment of Brian’s time on stage and the sound of laughter must have been heard outside to passers-by.

Prof Elemental at Sci-Fi Weekender #SFW7, Hafan y Mor, Pwllheli

Proffessor Elemental interview Brian Blessed (Photograph ©2016 Karen Woodham – Blazing Minds)

Brian Blessed Loves Blazing Minds’ Photo

So it was time for another Coffee break for me, so over I popped to StarBucks for another delicious Caramel Latte (wow these are so delicious, I could have lived on those all day, no wait, hang on, I did lol).

Then a quick walk around to give my knees that chance to recuperate after taking photos in the pit area in the “Main Void”, this also gave me the chance to grab some photos of those that had taken the effort to show off their amazing Cosplay outfit making.


Cosplayer 1

Doctor Who Ladies with Special Guest Billie Piper!!

David J. Howe introduced how to the guests for the Doctor Who Ladies, Eve Myles returned to the stage with Ellis George (Courtney Woods in Doctor Who).

Doctor Who Ladies

David J Howe with Ellis George and Eve Myles

Oh yes, I did mention Billie Piper as well didn’t I! Eve Myles announced to the audience that Billie Piper was joining them as a special guest, the audience waited in anticipation for Billie to arrive on the stage, then from the rear of the stage appeared … Kai Owen! Yes folks Kai was going to be on the panel as well. I had the feeling that this interview was certainly going to go in to the realm of fits and giggles, followed by hysterical laughter and it sure did go that route.

It was great to see Ellis George on stage and totally enjoying herself, she certainly coped well with Eve and Kai with their usual antics, but what a lot of fun, specially when Kai took to the floor and went among the audience to take questions.

Kai Owen in the Audience at SFW7

Kai Owen in the Audience at SFW7 (Photo ©2016 Karen Woodham – Blazing Minds)

So although I only had one day in Pwllheli this year, the day was brilliant, SFW is certainly back on form and more exciting than ever before. I spoke to lots of people during the day and they all said that it had been a fantastic event and weekend, with many booking their place for next year’s SFW8, I know I’ll certainly be grabbing my gear again next year and heading over to Pwllheli for a fun pact Sci-Fi Weekender in 2017.

To finish I have to say a massive thanks to Claire Lloyd and all the team for looking after me during the day, it’s always an honour to work with them and to be part of the event. So many people came up to me and knew who I was and congratulated me on my Blog Award, I also had someone who was visiting the event say to me, “you’re part of the SFW family“, how lovely.

With Sci-Fi Weekender in Wales for 2016 now finished it’s now time to get get excited for 2017, so until next year folks.

Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds, an avid blogger and photographer. She is also a Cinema reviewer, based at the Scala in Prestatyn and at the many Cineworld screens, where she reviews the latest movies, she has also had several articles published in various publications. In 2015 she became an Award Winning Blogger and also has her website listed as one of the UKs Top 10 Film Blogs.
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham