Boyzlife Live at William Aston Hall in Wrexham – Review

Will Tomlinson-Roberts and Danielle Johnson headed over to Willam Aston Hall, Wrexham, to enjoy a night of music and “banter” from Boyzlife.

Myself and Dani were beyond excited to be asked to go and review the Boyzlife concert in Wrexham. We both grew up listening to their music and singing along to their songs throughout our childhood. I never got the chance to go to a Boyzone concert or a Westlife Concert, so this really was a dream come true for me.

Dani had been to a Boyzone concert in her younger days so she was very excited as you can imagine. As we were travelling to our location the excitement was building as we swapped stories of different songs and what they meant to us both. Dani is a massive fan of Boyzone, like myself, however, I really enjoyed Westlife also. However by the end of the evening that all had changed. We both realised we are fans of both, more than we thought. The support act was Sam Lavery, a former X-factor contestant, was great and got the crowd ready for the main act.

There followed a 40-minute wait after her for the main act which was a bit long, however, Boyzlife did not fail to entertain, their songs, onstage banter and the interaction with the audience, was fantastic. Boyzlife sang all the greatest hits from Boyzone and Westlife and included their own style of doing so.

We knew every word to every song. Boyzlife had everyone up on their feet dancing and singing the night away and we really didn’t stop until the end of the concert. The on-stage chemistry was really genuine too and that was made clear by their singing and the way they kept bouncing off one another with banter and laughs. Their humour and wit with the audience were great. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

We will really enjoy going to watch them again next year, should they do another tour, Keith Duffy and Brian Mcfadden really have got that on stage appearance and crowd control, Boyzlife really entertained throughout the evening and kept everyone wanting more. The two of them made really brought the evening alive and got us all dancing and singing to every song.

Even after the song had finished their sense of humour filled the gap and kept everyone interesting and laughing. We could really see the friendship and banter was not “scripted” but genuine, the evening was really fantastic and we would recommend any fans of Boyzone or Westlife to go and watch them. Fans of both or either band would really enjoy this concert. We both left the evening and said we didn’t realise how much of a fan we are of each band, they really do have a brilliant future ahead of them and we really wish them both the very best.

If you want to have an evening of great entertainment, filled with the best songs of the 90’s(in our opinion) and then comedy is thrown in, this concert will really tick all those boxes, I have been to many live concerts and shows that have had humour and been very interacting. Boyzlife really delivered and exceeded all our expectations.

We were expecting a really good evening as we are both fans of either Boyzone or Westlife, however, we got a really fantastic evening filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Boyzlife really made us, and everyone else it seemed, feel like we were teenagers again going to our very first concert. We will never listen to their songs in the same way again, Keith and Brian really brought all our favourite songs to life.

Danielle really hit the nail on the head with her quote “It was like having my childhood on a stage”.

If I could describe what the concert meant to be it would be “It brought my childhood back alive for the evening”.

It is a concert that will not only make you feel great and create an evening that will give you memories to last a lifetime, it will also bring alive memories of your childhood that you may have forgotten. You really can relive those happy memories and bring them alive again.
It has re-ignited our absolute love for Boyzone and a ignited a new found love for Westlife, whilst creating a brand new absolute love and passion for Boyzlife.

Massive thank to Will and Dani for bringing us this review of the Boyzlife gig at Wrexham.

Boyzlife wow the crowd at Wrexham