Brentwood House of Horror Event Review

An immersive 4D experience, you become the victim as you are dragged through 12 rooms of sheer horror. Described as a real-life horror-movie, actors will twist and turn you through a maze of puzzles and psychological pain.

An experience so intense, participants will be required to sign a waiver before entering.

Should you manage to survive the onslaught, you’ll get the choice to leave or brave the mysterious: Room 13… We advise you leave!

Horror-themed events are always popular leading up to Halloween, with horror attractions and escape rooms creating a unique experience to get you into the spirit of the season. House of Horror, however, brings a brand new event to the UK which takes it to another level.

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To gain access to the House of Horror you have two sign two waivers, one for the first 12 rooms and a second if you choose to enter room 13. I suggest you read both of these carefully to get an idea what you are really in for. You will then need to empty your pockets as you can take nothing inside, before you are scanned by security to ensure their instructions have been complied with.

You enter with a maximum of 10 people, which is a good size group and can really add to the experience (especially when you have a screamer). With the way in which the scenarios play out it never feels as though you are losing any of the experience because of the numbers and once inside you soon find yourselves bonding and working together.

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The initial experience starts when a man walks in wearing a balaclava, with a rope wrapped around his which he lays on the floor. He has an aggressive tone with a somewhat colourful language as he shouts his instructions to get you moving. Delivered with a hostile attitude which comes across as aggressive and deliberately unnerving does put you off guard at first, but there is also a slight humour to counterbalance the aggression, so you never feel as though you are in any actual danger. This does change however if you decide to enter room 13, but that surprise comes a lot later.

Following an initial instructional video of the rules, you are blindfolded with a bag over your head before being escorted in a conga line to the first room. In here the fun really starts as you conduct a live seance, it is the perfect way to raise the spirits within the group, as things suddenly begin to escalate quickly.

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In total there are 12 initial rooms which you must make your way through, some will include mazes or puzzles which you will need solve, others have a number of different effects which are used to confuse your senses. Most of the rooms are dimly lit, whilst some are either pitch black or use strobe lights to disorientate your vision. Some of these rooms may have an eerie effect if you are afraid of the dark, but for those of squeamish nature will probably wish that some of the more graphic rooms were perhaps lit a bit darker as well.

The concepts for each of the rooms are well thought out and they seem to change drastically as you walk through each door. It creates an element of surprise because you never know what you are likely to face or what you will be required to do once you enter. With some of the rooms, it feels as though you are walking directly into a horror movie, only this time you are the ones participating in the starring role.

Credit also has to be given to the actors who really seemed to embrace their roles and helped to make the experience what it is. Everyone seemed to really embellish the roles as they remained in character throughout, some even managing to deliver a few unexpected surprises to keep you on your toes.

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As you complete the 12th room you crawl through the tunnels which leads you back to a sense of reality, which feels somewhat strange as you have become so accustomed to the surreal surroundings in the dark. You feel as though you have been through an experience with the 12 rooms which does take a while to complete, although any sense of accomplishment soon fades when you realise what awaits if you choose to enter room 13.

There has been a huge build up regarding room 13 which obviously plays on your mind throughout the event. You are consistently advised not to enter, although if you are foolish enough to do so you are reminded of the safe word ‘CODE RED’, because there is a strong likelihood that you will need it. The constant rumours and uncertainty regarding what lies behind the doors of room 13 naturally play on your mind, as do the details of the second waiver which you sign. The details of the waver gives you an idea what they are able to do and whatever you think that may involve, be prepared as the events are considerably worse!

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As you queue to go in the wall of fame includes pictures of the people who managed to complete room 13, however, they all include one familiar reoccurring theme; everyone who has successfully completed the room look considerably broken! It is easy to think that the build-up is just a ploy to get inside your head, that it’s really not that bad once you get inside. However, when you see those pictures there is a sudden realisation just how tough it really is.

I won’t give anything away because part of the experience is not knowing what to expect, but the events of room 13 are tough and looking back I am pleased (if not slightly surprised) that I managed to complete it. I am glad that I entered the House of Horror, it was one hell of a memorable experience. With that being said I am in no rush to even think about re-entering room 13 any time soon.

House of Horror is a brilliantly unique experience for horror fans and thrill seekers alike, with room 13 made for those who are curious as to how far they can go before they break. The 12 rooms deliver a perfect experience to get you in the mood for Halloween and I would advise everyone to experience the first 12 rooms. I would like to say the same for room 13, but it isn’t a pleasant experience and I would advise you to think twice before you enter, because it is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

House of Horror (Survived)

House of Horror will be open until 31st October.

You can find out more and purchase tickets on their website:


House of Horror, a Unique Experience


House of Horror is a brilliantly unique experience for horror fans and thrill seekers alike, with room 13 made for those who are curious as to how far they can go before they break.

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