Lost TV Documentary Dr. Balden Cross: Beyond the Void found and released online

A Halloween treat has arrived for all lovers of British Fortean and paranormal TV of yesteryear in the form of a documentary that has been re-discovered in the archives of an Institute for paranormal research. It followed the life and untimely death of Dr. Balden Cross.
A press release from the Paratheological and Metaphysical Research Institute (PMRI) reads:
Who on Earth is (or more accurately, was) Dr. Balden Cross you may ask? Only one of the most controversial TV heretics and paranormal investigators of our time that’s who! The man who sought to find that there was more to our existence than met the eye promised to send a message back from the void before he left our mortal coil back in 1982. 
Dr. Balden Cross outside the PMRI Headquarters.
A TV documentary was released on the man himself in 1984 by the now defunct Wessex Television Studios – presumed deleted and lost forever after it’s initial broadcast. The documentary concluded with a seance trying to make contact with the man himself to fulfil the promise he had made. This event has now passed into television folklore and infamy, as events that night in late October, on live TV were said to have been truly disturbing.
Portrait of Dr. Balden Cross
Luckily for us, in time for Samhain, an old VHS copy of the documentary has been found in the vaults of The PMRI – which was founded by Dr. Cross back in 1971. The archivist at the institute says it had narrowly missed the skip and has now been put online for our viewing pleasure.
For more info on Dr. Balden Cross and The PMRI visit: https://m.facebook.com/ThePMRI
Philip Rogers

Philip Rogers

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