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Can you believe that James Bond is celebrating 50 years and with the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall, it has always been something that all Bond fans have waited for, so the big question is, has it lived up to the hype or not!

Skyfall – 50 Years Of James Bond 007


Now for me I’ve always been a fan of James Bond, except in those Roger Moore days, they just make me cringe thinking about them, my favorite Bond has always been Sean Connery, but then when Daniel Craig came along in Casino Royale, he certainly gave Connery a run for his money, and now Daniel Craig is certainly moving closer to my number one spot.

With Daniel Craig as 007 we get a more gritty Bond, gone are the rather silly gadgets and now we are down to the series spy business and with Skyfall we get so much more for the money paid for the tickets.

It’s so hard for me to write this review without giving away any spoilers for Skyfall, it’s so easy to slip in to saying something that will spoil it for those of you reading this review, so I promise I’ll do my best not to do it.

Skyfall – “007 Reporting For Duty”

So basically 007’s loyalty to “M” (Judi Dench) is put to the test when her past comes back to haunt her and MI6, it’s down to James Bond (Daniel Craig) to track down the threat to not only “M” but MI6 in general.

Judi Dench Skyfall

Things that are made clear during the film are why it’s called “Skyfall” and you even get a little back story for both “M” and Bond, which really shows a lot more depth to the characters that we’ve all come to know over the last few Bond films, but this is still all done in true James Bond style with action, amazing stunts and of course Daniel Craig’s chiseled look.

The main key to Skyfall is revenge, with Silva (Javier Bardem) hell-bent on revenge on “M”, it’s a fight for survival and after a rather badly botched attempt to recover a hard drive and “M” ordering Eve (Naomie Harris) to take a shot which in turn leaves Bond out of service from MI6.

Naomie Harris Skyfall

With some nice touches throughout the film, such as the introduction of Kincade (Albert Finney), which brings in a little more to the back story of James Bond and nods to some of the earlier Bond films, sneakily put in without being too obvious, Skyfall has everything that a Bond fan enjoys, baddies, guns, massive explosions, car chases and more.

With the great script from Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan, bringing us a Bond movie that will bring fresh life in to the franchise, the soundtrack by Thomas Newman is suited for the 50th anniversary of Bond and though I wasn’t sure of Adele’s track for the film, it works brilliantly with the Bond credits.

Skyfall – “What do you say about a man like that?”

For me, Skyfall is what Bond has needed along with Casino Royale and Quantum OF Solace, a reboot to the franchise, bringing Bond in to a new era, a young Q (Ben Wishaw) brings that feeling of a new life to Bond, gone is the old wise quartermaster and instead we have the technical whizz-kid that knows what he’s doing, but you just aren’t sure that he has the experience, which adds that little bit more excitement to the Bond, Q and M relationship.

Overall Thoughts For Skyfall

It’s gritty, action packed, exciting, funny and emotional all rolled in to one movie. Even if you’re not a big Bond fan, this is the film of the year that you have to see, forget the silly gadget Bonds and get to see a Bond as he should be, one that has flaws, emotions and some serious backside kicking moves.

This is Bond for the new generations and for fans of how Bond should be on the big screen, my advice, get to the cinema now, book your seats and enjoy the ride of your life!

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26 Responses to Skyfall – 50 Years Of James Bond 007 – Blazing Minds Film Review

  1. bbrian017

    Hi Karen, this is going to be such an awesome movie. It was cool to see Adele do the theme song. She’s such a powerful singer it’s no surprise they asked her to do the music. I’m 100% going to watch it as I loved action packed movies. From your review it’s clear to me this is a movie I must see.

  2. Thomas

    I have two words for you Karen: Bond babes? Just kidding. I am with you on the fact that Sean Connery is the real 007, but Daniel Craig is doing it very well too and Roger Moore was a joke as James Bond. It sounds like Skyfall lives up to the big expectations there always is to a new James Bond movie. It is for sure a much see movie.

  3. Harleena Singh

    Sounds like a no-to-be-missed movie Karen!

    I love the way you write your reviews, which makes the movie all the more reason to watch. Though I am not much of a person who loves action movies, but James Bond is always an exception – right from the start. My kids are surely going to love this one.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Daniel Craig makes such a great Bond. I’m a fan of the Bond franchise too and this looks to be one of the top movies. Good to hear that they’ve moved along with the times.

  5. Emm

    Woo hoo! Good to know it is getting such great reviews. I was hoping to go tonight but I don’t think we can with Orange Wednesdays.

  6. Jakes

    Hi Karen,
    Nice review. Trailer was quite impressive. The imdb rating is quite good. I guess I need to watch this soon

  7. Jakes

    Here in India, it’s not yet released.
    The official site says release date is Novemeber 2nd 2012.

    “Resurrection is my Hobby” ;-)

  8. Richard says:

    Hi, I saw the film on opening night at IMAX. Its got to be one of the best yet. The film is a 50 year celebration of bond, with hints to his past and a few jokes about the previous films. I am a huge James Bond film and Daniel Craig is level pegging with Sean Connery. Cant wait for the next film hopefully it will carry on with the story line from the previous film with regards to Mr White. It looks as though its going full circle with the last few scenes and the Top Secret folder on M’s desk. Get out there and watch it at IMAX!

  9. Jena Isle says:

    I will watch this movie. More so that I’ve read your review. Daniel Craig is the perfect bond. Perfect because he’s not so perfect.

    Adele makes the film a standout too with her soulful voice, it gave me goosebumps.

    • Karen

      Daniel Craig is a great Bond and Skyfall is certainly his best Bond film so far, I wasn’t to keen on the Adele track when I first heard it, but it works very well with the opening credits ;)

  10. Thomas

    Hi Karen
    I am putting Skyfall on my Blu-ray player in a couple of minutes. I will let you know what I think about it afterwards :)

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