20 Incredible Movie Role Recasts That Could Surprise You

As many of you who read the articles here on Blazing Minds will know we love movies, the other day we stumbled upon an infographic with 20 incredible movie role recasts that we think may surprise you and we just couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

Imagine how different the Indiana Jones movies would have been if the originally chosen Tom Selleck had played the iconic character instead of Harrison Ford.

Or how about if we hadn’t had Tom Hanks as the rather lovable Forrest Gump and the character had been played by John Travolta who was originally cast for the movie.

Now that we have come to love many of the characters and the actors that have played the incredible movie roles listed in the infographic, it seems strange to imagine how the films could have turned out if the original cast members hadn’t changed.

One of my favourite movies in the lists is Back To The Future, the trilogy of movies was a massive part of the 80’s when the first film was released back in 1985, Michael J Fox became a household name and his character, Marty McFly, became a character that almost everyone knows.

But Michael J. Fox wasn’t available to star in Robert Zemeckis’ movie, so Marty was played by Eric Stoltz (Mask), 4-weeks after starting shooting Zemeckis and Stephen Spielberg opted to spend $3M to re-shoot all Stoltz’s scenes with their original actor of choice, Fox. Thank goodness they did.

20 Incredible Movie Role Recasts That Could Surprise You – InfoGraphic

20 incredible movie role recasts

So there you go folks, 20 Incredible Movie Role Recasts, hopefully, there were some listed there that you didn’t know about and did surprise you. There are so many more movies that have had so many cast changes, TV Series, soaps, are usually the worst ones for changing actors during their lifetime.

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham