Akira – A Ground Breaking Anime Movie Loved By Fans Around the World

Akira has to be one of those groundbreaking movies that even after all these years since it first came out still has the power to excite and delight the watcher.

Discovering Akira

I first saw Akira many years ago in the cinema, with subtitles and with its original Japanese soundtrack, for me it was a pivotal moment in my movie-going experience.

Not only was it an animated movie, but it was one with an adult rating, which intrigued me and I wasn’t disappointed with it at all. Those days of “cartoons” were going to be left behind as I had discovered the world of “Manga“.

Disney Smishney!

Right from the very start, I was gripped by the action and amazing animation of Akira, its powerful storyline and characters that you could actually sympathise with throughout the movie, but also watching the movie in its subtitled version brought a whole new outlook on my movie-going experience.

Later I would grow to love and watch many more movies such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Night Watch” in their native tongue.

The sheer power that a movie such as Akira has for the viewer is something that not many Anime movies can surpass and it has to be a movie that everyone should have in their movie collection.

Animation Is Not Just For Kids

There are those that mock the animated movies and some instantly say “Oh it’s a cartoon, aren’t those for children”, which really annoys me, it’s only another medium for filmmaking after all.

And today, I still enjoy Akira and having a remastered version on DVD with its crystal clear picture and sound and several different versions that just makes it even more enjoyable. I suppose you could say that Akira is a “Modern Classic” and that’s one of the reasons I chose it for the Classic Film Friday movie.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham