Album Review – The Electronic Wonders of ‘Hectic Zeniths’

Being given the chance to review something new by an artist I haven’t heard of before is an honour for me here on Blazing Minds and recently I’ve had the chance to check out Hectic Zeniths with the forthcoming album of the same name.

So after receiving my preview copy of the album I got on to playing it for a few days so that I could give a good listen and decide my thoughts on it and whether I liked it or not, but you’ll have to read on if you want to know my thoughts on this new album from Hectic Zeniths 😉

Who Is Hectic Zeniths?

Hectic Zeniths is the work of bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Morgan Prince. Nearly three years in the making, the densely layered project builds around original piano compositions with an atmospheric collage of chopped and pitched dollar-bin vinyl samples, live instrumentation, synths, and haunting vocals. Featuring violinist Patrick Bailey, guitarist Dave Cohen, and The Yetti on drums.

‘Hectic Zeniths’ is an anagram for the German word ‘Zeitschichten,’ meaning “layers of time.” The artist has previously released a free EP and an array of hip hop and electronic remixes under the name ‘amplifya.’ Born in Brooklyn, NY, he is currently teaching high school math in Philadelphia, PA.

Hectic Zeniths
The Electronic Wonders of ‘Hectic Zeniths’

My first thoughts of the album after the first track started was, and I have to admit this, “Now this is going to be weird!” But how wrong I was, after the first track “intro” finished I was brought in to an electronic and hip hop work of wonder.

The album featuring some rather dreamy piano sequences with some great beats bring you, the listener, in to a journey of well made tracks, which keep you fixed throughout, even though the tracks may not be that long, they all seem to be timed so perfectly to suit from one to the next.

Even with haunting vocals on the track “zeitschichten” hold you in delight as you listen to them wafting around the room with a feel of something not quite right, but lovely at the same time.

By the time I got to the end of this eleven track album, I was at the point of wanting to start it all over again, suffice to say that Hectic Zeniths has been on my iPod playing in my car, in work, at home and just about anywhere I can take it with me.

Overall Thoughts Of Hectic Zeniths by Hectic Zeniths

The album is well produced with an overall feel of a passion that has been placed upon it to produce music that everyone can enjoy, from start to finish each track is an enjoyable listen and asking to be played more and more.

So if you are after something fresh and enjoyable, then give this album a try. 9/10.

Hectic Zeniths is released on January 10th.

Karen Woodham
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