What’s this another Music review on Blazing Minds, I’m going to get a reputation here as Best Music Blog if I keep this up 😉

Enough of the banter, let’s get on with review shall we…

I was lucky to get an email from the singer/guitarist of the band Recluse asking me if I would like to check out their second EP titled Anhedonia, so how could I resist checking out a band I hadn’t heard off and were from Wales 😉

This is their second EP, the long-awaited follow-up to 2008’s ‘Baby Monster’. Anhedonia was recorded over several months throughout the tail end of 2009 at a couple of different studios. the album art is taken from a promo shoot at an abandoned asylum in Talgarth. This album has a favourite track of theirs to play live, Dirty Blonde.

RecluseNow I’ve not been one for listening to the Grunge Rock genre, but I do like to dabble in all sorts of musical tastes, so this was going to be interesting for me, so after getting hold of the EP, I threw it on my iTunes and gave it some worthy listens on my trusty iPod…

So it’s now time for my verdict on the five tracks that are on the EP.

The first track “Passing Cars” does seem to have everything you’d want from a track, drums, guitar, good vocals and lyrics, kind of reminds me of The Foo Fighters, so a good start there then 😉 The vocals do become stronger as the track runs and I certainly found it to be a track that I could listen to over and over again.

Followed on by “We Could Both Use Someone” this track has a softer sound to the previous track and the bass is quite prominent with a nice flow to it.

Dirty Blonde” now this is a track not to be messed with and soon as this track came on I cranked up the volume and played it LOUD! It’s the longest track on the EP and it really shows that these guys know what they are doing with some amazing guitar work which reminded of the great Steve Howe, more, more MORE!!!! (Hang on while I play this track a few more times …. hell YEAH!!!!)  😉

Oh, sorry on to the next track “Remain“, after been completely blown away by “Dirty Blonde” my heart was slowed down a tad with another track that just begged for more spins, so it got them and yet again another track that is such a joy to listen to with its simple use of the guys playing some great music.

Finally on to an acoustic version of “Passing Cars” WOW! Simple and precise, a fantastic way to finish an album, not so much going out with a bang, but going out in complete style. I salute you 😉

So after listening to Recluse, I’m now a fan and I think you maybe one too after listening to them, if you would like to know more about Recluse check out their MySpace page and get their brilliant music from BandCamp 😉

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham