Argo – A dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran. (IMDB)

So as I went in to the cinema to watch Argo, I wasn’t 100% on whether it would be a film that I would enjoy, I do like films based on True Stories, but with Argo, I only slightly knew the story of the situation that happened in the late 70’s early 80’s, so I was intrigued on how the film would play out.

Argo (Movie Poster)

The first thing that grabbed my attention with Argo is the image of the film, it’s not as crisp and clean as movies you see these days and I later found out that this was done to give the film the look of the 1970’s, Argo is filmed on regular film, no digital cameras in this one, frames were halved and blown up 200% to give the film  its grainy look, which works very well.

Also a very nice touch is the use of original footage from the time being added near the beginning of the film to bring the audience the idea of the sheer terror that the Americans caught in the middle of the incident must have gone through.

Staring in 1979 on November the 9th when 52 Americans were taken hostage and held for 444 days. Six Americans manage to escape are taken in by the Canadian embassy where they desperately wait for something to happen or someone to come and save them.

Argo – The movie was fake. The mission was real.

I do have to say that Ben Affleck has done a superb job directing Argo, and throughout the film, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, with my emotions riding on the problems that the six Americans were going through and even those funny moments with the aspect that the CIA decide to make a fake SciFi movie in an attempt to rescue them.

Argo is a film that not only grabs you and says, “This happened”, it also makes you wonder what other situations have been resolved and people rescued by some crazy ideas that are so crazy that they just might work.

Argo (Ben Affleck)

With a brilliant cast including Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Clea Duvall, Argo oozes with style and damn good film making, it’s very rare these days that a film based on True Story that happened over thirty years ago can grab the attention and running at 2 hours, it was a pleasure to watch and had me glue all the way through.

Overall Thoughts For Argo

Take a break from the action, animation and romance movies and check out Argo, it’s thought-provoking, interesting and a film that certainly shows that Ben Affleck does know what he’s doing, Argo is a film that not only makes you think, it also a film that has you gripped right from the very start.

Apollo Rhyl Film Reviewer Rating 5

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham