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Jeremy Paxman Slips Up With The C Word On Return To Newsnight

It was an off-chance for me to catch the Freudian slip up from Jeremy Paxman on last nights Newsnight, I don’t usually watch the show, but as I was channel hopping I

Top 6 Apps I Love To Use On My BlackBerry Curve Part Two

Yesterday you may have read part one of my post about my favourite 6 Apps that I like to use on my BlackBerry Curve, well today it’s time for part two of

Top 6 Apps I Love To Use On My BlackBerry Curve Part One

Since getting my BlackBerry Curve I’ve grown quite accustomed to it’s beeps etc as I get tweeted, mentioned on FaceBook and emailed and over the time that I’ve been using my BlackBerry I’ve come

Wii Fit Plus And Balance Board More Energetic Than I Thought

Over Christmas I was very lucky to get a Wii and have had tons of fun playing the Wii Sports Resort, with Wii Motion Plus that came with it and it’s certainly

Book Review: The Golden Prince By Rebecca Dean

Some time back you may have remembered me posting an introduction to a book that I had been sent to review called The Golden Prince by Rebecca Dean, well, now is the

Are You Having Trouble Opening iTunes Links In Chrome?

I’ve talked to loads of people who have had problems opening iTunes links in the Google Chrome browser and coming to a brick wall, when clicking on the “Already  have iTunes” button

Will We Be Losing Cinemas To HD Streamable Movies?

Image via Wikipedia While listening to the radio in work today, I was interested to hear a discussion on how we could be having the movies released in the cinema and at

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Trailer Hits YouTube!

A little post for those fans out there who love the Transformers movies, I can quite honestly say I do enjoy them, but I wouldn’t go nuts over them as some people

Could One Decision Made Change Life As You Know It Now?

It’s a thought that occasionally floats around my head, the idea of if you could change one point in your life where you made a decision and would it change the outcome of where

November Snow! It Feels Likes Christmas Already!

Image by Blazing Minds via Flickr Those readers of my blog living in the UK will know of the winter weather we have been getting and November was the start of the

The Golden Prince – An Introduction!

I’m always impressed when I get the chance to bring my readers another review very shortly, after I have read the book, I will be bringing you review of a new book

Thursday Thought Of The Day

Now this isn’t going to be an overly large blog post today, but I was pondering only the other day and posting a Thursday thought of the day, so what better opportunity