Billy Monger – Driven. The Most Inspirational TV Show You’ll Ever Watch’

17-year-old Billy Monger was an upcoming racing driver, until a terrifying 120mph crash, in a British Formula 4 race, meant he lost both legs.

When he woke from his coma he was faced with the knowledge that he wouldn’t be able to race single-seater racing cars again, ending his ultimate dream of being in Formula One, not because he had no legs, but because FIA (the sports governing body) rules said that he wouldn’t be allowed. He could have gone into a deep depression, he could have spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair watching Jeremy Kyle and claiming benefits, however, he didn’t. What he did not only got his life and dreams back on track, he also changed motorsport forever and became an inspiration to disabled people all over the world, and to anyone who ever thinks, “I can’t achieve this.” or “I can’t change this.

Billy Monger decided to challenge the FIA, he proposed changes to the rules to allow amputees to race single seaters, and he achieved it too. He then went on to get himself walking again on prosthetic legs, got into a simulator and started achieving fast laps. That had been done before though, fast laps in a simulator are one thing, but achieving it on a race track is something completely different, the stakes are so much higher, as Billy had already learned costing him his legs.

Carlin Motorsport gave Billy an opportunity, to prove that he could physically and mentally do it in an actual single seat racing car on a track, his times earned him a drive for the 2018 Formula Three Championships. Just 3 months after his accident he was behind the wheel of a specially adapted VW Beetle, racing, but even more remarkable than that, less than a year after losing both his legs in a racing crash, he was lining up on the grid again, in a single seater ready to race. Anything could have happened, his mum couldn’t even watch, but………..following the race she left their motorhome and joined in the celebrations as Billy Monger, the 17-year-old double amputee, not only finished the race, he finished it on the podium, finishing 3rd. He ended the 2018 season in an impressive 6th place, the dreams he had of a Formula One career now firmly back in place.

BBC 3 has a documentary showing this remarkable and inspirational story.

To everyone (including myself, perhaps especially myself) whoever thinks “I can’t”, give this a watch and realise that no matter what……”YOU CAN”

Enjoy the documentary at this link or on BBC iPlayer whilst it’s still available.

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