It’s was night of entertainment that has to be seen live to be believed as Chris Cross and The Carny Cabaret brought fun and excitement to an audience in Chester at Alexander’s Jazz Theatre.

Chris Cross Tiger

So after arriving I’m Chester and finding the club, which is small but nicely set up for shows, I met up with Chris and caught up with how he did at the Sci-Fi Weekender and got to know what was happening during the show and where I could get some shots from during the evening.

Chris Cross and The Carny Cabaret Show at Alexanders Jazz Theatre

Time to grab myself a non-alcoholic drink and get set up with my camera and start work on this very review. Got to be wise when it comes to drinking, specially when you are driving.

Lets start with Chris Cross, Jimmy Carr is quoted as saying “If he isn’t at your event, you’re stupid”, as some of you has seen I caught Chris’s act at the Sci-Fi Weekender and when Chris offered me the chance to catch him and The Carny Cabaret in Chester I couldn’t say no.

As Alexander’s Jazz Theatre filled up the atmosphere was electric and the mood was even more fun with some guests enjoying a birthday night out. The club certainly knows how to pack an audience in for a night of fun.

Before the show I was treated to some magic/sleight of hand by Simon South, he wowed me with his card tricks and Chinese coins magic, very bubbly, polite and a superb crowd pleasure going from table to table before the show started.

Introducing the night was Chris who then in turn introduced us to Aaron Hayes from The Wizards of Od, Aaron would be popping back on and off the stage during the evening as he compared throughout the night and did some rather funny routines.

Chris Cross Introduction

Aaron Hayes

Bexi Owen performed All that jazz in a wonderful cabaret style and the audience was set in the mood for a night of acts that I hadn’t seen the likes of before, but as I say Bexi certainly had the crowd in anticipation of what was to come.

Bexi Owen

The first burlesque act was Deadly Nightshade, lets just say the male audience was loving this one, without been to risqué on the blog she was pulling the audience in, the pictures I have here are a bit on the safe side for your eyes 😆

Deadly Nightshade

Act two was Harrison Richards a mind reader with a comic way of doing his routine, blindfolded he proceeded to work with the two pictures that audience members had drawn and then telling the audience what they were, all comically done of course.

Harrison Richards Harrison Richards

Suffice to say the audience was dumbstruck, then Harrison proceeded on to a Rubik’s cube, blindfolded, suffice to say it was amazing how Harrison did the cube.

The next Burlesque artist Raven Noir again some of the pictures I took are quite risqué so I’ve had to bring you the more blog friendly ones, but again Raven Noir certainly had the male section the audience aroused, oooo maybe that’s the wrong word 😆

Raven Noir

The next act was Suzie Sequin in a hula outfit, quite strange listening to “She’s got the look” with a burlesque dancing, but nicely done and not too rude, but just enough to be racy for a adults night out.

Intermission time and everyone was hitting the bar, not as they hasn’t been doing that already anyway 😉 But you must have an intermission 😆

After the intermission is was on with part two of the show and the second half started with Chris Cross.

Chris Cross and Jill

You may have seen me mention Chris in my review of the Sci-Fi Weekender, where Chris went down a storm with the thousands of revellers at the biggest Sci-Fi event in North Wales, suffice to say Chris had the audience in shock here as well.

Shocked Audience

It doesn’t matter how many times you see Chris Cross perform, his act still has me slightly cringing as he pop out his limbs in only the way a great contortionist can.

What I like about Chris is the banter and audience participation that he had, bringing members of the audience on to the stage really brings the audience in to the act and they loved every minute of his performance.

Chris Cross Chris Cross Elbows

Followed on by Deadly Nightshade teasing the audience again with some seductive dancing.

Paul Dabek was the next performer a magician who did some rather good tricks with pipe cleaners and a balloon with a member of the audience, Paul even worked very well with a slightly drunk member of the audience. Nicely done there Paul.

Paul Dabek Paul Dabek

The entertainment continued with Raven Noir returning to the stage in another burlesque number as a disgruntled Vegas Girl, I don’t think the audience knew whether she was unhappy with them or the character she was portraying, but still they seemed to enjoy in none the less.

Raven Noir Raven Noir

The final act of the night was the return of Suzie Sequin with a rather Brightly coloured set of fans that had the male section of the audience wondering what she was hiding behind them, Suzie proceeded to perform for fan dance to cheers and “oooos” from the audience.

Suzie Sequin Suzie Sequin

I have to say that this type of show was completely new to me and I totally enjoyed it the mixture of Burlesque, Magic and loads of laughter certainly led to a brilliant night out, I had so much fun even though I was busy taking photos and working on this blog article between acts.

Chris Cross and The Carny Cabaret Show put on a superb evening and I would like to give a big thank you to Chris for inviting me and for his kind hospitality during the show and after.

After the show it was great to catch up with everyone and even get a group shot of them all together.

Chris Cross and The Carny Cabaret

If you’re looking for a fun, adult, night out then I would highly recommend catching these guys, they are all back together at The Alexander’s Jazz Theatre in Chester on the 16th May, I highly recommend you catch them. You can also catch The Looking Glass Burlesque at Taures Bar in Manchester on the 7th June and back at Alexnder’s on the 9th June.

For more information check out Chris Cross and The Carny Cabaret Show websites.

An awesome night and loads of fun.
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