The Diary of a Dick! Interview with the author and review of the new book

We caught up with Richard Smith to chat about his new book, The Diary of a Dick, he was a little disgruntled about being interviewed, but it had to be done, he told us about how unhappy he was about the publishers publishing his book for free on the internet.

We recently caught up with Richard Smith, the rather reluctant author of the new book, The Diary of a Dick, which is being published daily by Richard’s publishers on the internet.

We would like to bring you our thoughts on the new book that we have been lucky to get the chance to check out before its release in the printed form and via the internet on the Diary of a Dick website, as mentioned in our interview above and contrary to Richard’s thoughts on the book, we actually found the musing in the book rather comical.

The diary was started by Richard one Christmas when he was given a diary as a present, so he decided to use it the way it was intended and started writing down his thoughts and what was happening in his life, 45-year-old Richard lives with his wife Valerie near Liverpool, the first entry is December 25th, 2013 and he talks about Christmas TV, Doctor Who and The Snowman.

Richard’s diary is somewhat of a dry humour, but here at Blazing Minds, we’ve been laughing at the some of the things that he writes in the diary, imagine a 45-year-old Adrian Mole that has enough of most things and has a twist of Grumpy Cat thrown in.

Taking into consideration the way that the diary is written, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and even Richard himself doesn’t think it is funny, but each to their own, the diary does have many funny moments and they certainly bring smile and chuckles to those that have a sense of humour when reading it.

Check out Richard’s musing on The Diary of a Dick website and keep an eye out for the release of the book.

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Karen Woodham
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