With Hollywood legends Paul Newman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and Orson Wells (Citizen Kane) starring in the Southern Gothic classic, The Long Hot Summer, and directed by Oscar-nominated, award-winning Martin Ritt, you know that you are in for a treat.

Bring in leading lady Joanne Woodward (The Three Faces of Evil) who coincidentally met Paul Newman while on the set of the movie and became his wife for 50 years, not forgetting the wonderful Angela Lansbury (Murder She Wrote), Lee Remick (The Omen) and Anthony Franciosa (A Hateful Rain).

The Long Hot Summer tells the story of the town of Frenchmen’s Bend, Mississippi where the town is dominated by Will Varner (played by Orson Welles), things change when a drifter Ben Quick (play by Paul Newman) arrives in the town. In the meantime, Will’s daughter Clara (played by Joanne Woodward) and his son Jody (played by Anthony Franciosa) are a big disappointment to Will.

Will sees a passion and drive in Ben that his son Jody completely lacks. Ben is asked to move in and live with the family at which point Ben starts a campaign to prove his manhood to Clara, which in turn triggers shocking revelations over the course of The Long Hot Summer.

The Long Hot Summer is a classic movie that movie fans must have in their collection, Paul Newman is brilliant as Ben and he certainly steals the scenes that he is in, as does Lee Remick, the script is nicely put together to intertwine the characters of the movie.

It’s one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and never really tire of, if you want a classic movie and are looking for something that will keep you glued to the screen throughout then The Long Hot Summer is certainly a movie that will sit nicely on your DVD shelf.


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The Long Hot Summer (1958) - DVD
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