Forget what you know about the classic story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the producers of Underworld have brought us an adaptation of the Graphic Novel instead!

I, Frankenstein was one of those movies that after seeing the trailer I thought, oh wow this is going to be a film I have to see, but after seeing it I was a little let down by the overall feel of the film.

Based on the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, the first thing that springs to mind during the movie is this could easily be a mash-up of Underworld with touch of Van Helsing, with a few comparison scenes looking very similar.

Dr Frankenstein creates his Monster (Aaron Eckhart), which then he tries to kill, the monster comes back for revenge and then the Dr goes on the hunt for the monster, Victor Frankenstein dies and this leads to the battle of Good vs Evil, and later the Monster becoming “Adam”!

I, Frankenstein – Angels and Demons

Not overly a bad thing, but having a film that offers so much and then falls down with something is to familiar is a bit of a shame, with the battle against good and evil, Angels (Gargoyles) and Demons, everything has that, it’s been done before, feel.

I Frankenstein Aaron Eckhart

The CGI in the I, Frankenstein is pretty good with some nice changes from the Gargoyles to human form and the 3D worked well as demons are “descended” and their bodies go out in a blaze of fire and ash with a good bit of depth to the viewer.

The battle rages on throughout the movie and it does get a little tiresome sometimes, but then you are given some tasty special fx to perk you up again and grab your attention for the duration of the film.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of the Underworld movies and having the producers of those on-board did whet my appetite for I, Frankenstein, but sadly, the film really didn’t have me saying, “wow what an amazing film“, or “Mind blowing“, instead it really warrants a “It’s not bad, not brilliant, but not bad“.

I, Frankenstein is certainly one of those films that you leave your brain at the door, just go in for a bit of an action movie with a bit of a Gothic storyline thrown in to the mix, don’t expect anything spectacular, just an evening on mindless fun and fantasy.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham