In Tim Burton‘s latest animated movie, Frankenweenie, we meet young Victor and his beloved pet dog, Sparky, the two love each other as any young boy and his dog does, they make B-Movies together and cherish their time spent together, until that awful day when Sparky is hit by a car, in a moment of loss and love for Sparky, Victor brings him back to life and from that moment on, things get a little weird in the town of New Holland.


Frankenweenie 3D – Blazing Minds Film Review

Now I remember some years back, I think is was around 1984, when I first saw the Tim Burton short, Frankenweenie, a 29 minute black and white movie of a boy and his dog, I loved it so I couldn’t wait to see Tim Burton’s updated animated version.

Over the years Tim Burton has brought some wonderful animated movies such as A Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride, both of which I love, so now with the same techniques and styles have been used for Frankenweenie and it all works very well.

The overall feel of Frankenweenie is pure Tim Burton with its dark humor and content, great vocal cast and an amazing soundtrack by Danny Elman.

The characters are funny and very well put together, what really grabbed my attention was Martin Landau voicing Mr Rzykruski, who has an uncanny resemblance to Vincent Price, loved it.

Frankenweenie Mr Rzykruski

Though the 3D in the film is all that amazing, lets face it the film is in black and white and a little dark and we all know from experience that the brighter and more colorful a scene the better the 3D works, but some scenes do work well with the depth perception during some key moments in the film story.

Frankenweenie 3D

Frankenweenie is a wonderful reworking of the Frankenstein story and it’s done with passion, I was laughing through the film and even had tears down my cheeks at some the sadder parts of the film, what can I say, I have two dogs of my own and I’ve also been the victim of a dog being ran over by a car, so that brought it all back to me.

Overall Thoughts For Frankenweenie 3D

Personally I think is one of Time Burton’s better films in years, it’s a lovely story and is a great introduction for kids in to some of the classic horror novels, though it may be a little scary for the very young, it’s a must to see for all Tim Burton fans. If you loved A Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride then go and see this on the big screen.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham