From time to time here at Blazing Minds we like to get involved with various fundraising activities for local charities that need to raise funds for many different reasons, so we decided to bring you, our readers, this page to show a list of some of the charity events that we are involved in and for our own fundraising where we list some of the amazing people that have helped us it.

Many of you will know that Karen, the founder of the site, was a winner in the National UK Blog Awards in 2015 and our current fundraising is to help build up the equipment for Blazing Minds to allow us to bring you more exclusive photographs, reviews and upcoming audio interviews for your pleasure.

Latest Fundraising News

We are very pleased to announce that Blazing Minds has made it to the finals of the UK Blog Awards for 2016, so we are now setting our sites to raise funds for the awards evening that will take place in London in April. We need to raise as much as possible to get the chance to travel to the event and take part and hopefully bring back an award for North Wales this year.

All donations are very much appreciated and you can help by donating/sponsoring Blazing Minds via the GoFundMe page. Many thanks for your support everyone.

Special Thanks for UK Blog Award Donations

Supporters 2016

Supporters 2015

If you would like to help us out on this one, please stop by our GoFundMe page and donate what you can, thank you, everyone.