Holiday on the Buses cast reunite and return to North Wales

If like me you were brought up on a diet of comedy on TV with shows such as On The Buses, then you will be well aware of how the TV show from the early 70s still has people laughing wholeheartedly during the many re-runs over the last 40 years or so.

Back in 1973, the TV show brought us the antics of Stan and Jack working for a Holiday Camp in North Wales driving their tour buses, only to find that Inspector Blake is also working there.

Now after 44 years, some of the remaining cast from Holiday on the Buses are heading to Prestatyn to reunite for a special cast reunion.

The Holiday on the Buses reunion will take place on September 23 and 24 and will bring together cast members from the film including Anna Karen (Olive), Adam Rhodes (Little Arthur) Maureen Sweeney (Mavis) and Carolae Donoghue (Doreen). This will be a chance for fans to get the see the cast together for the first time in many years.

We caught up with one of the organiser of the event, Rich Coghill, for a brief chat about the reunion.

I asked Rich what sparked the idea of the Holiday on the Buses Cast Reunion, he told me, “Myself and Co-Organiser Craig Walker really wanted to do something Ground Breaking in regards to the Other On the Buses Events that we run, (usually in Borehamwood, London)So what better than a Weekend away for the Fans at The Holiday Camp where the Movie was filmed and also bringing Cast Members together who haven’t seen each other in over 40 years. Many Avid On The Buses Fans have realised this will, of course, be a once in a Lifetime Event now and that they will be a part of something very Special!“.

With the worldwide appeal that the show has I asked him, why he thinks it has such a following, he went on to say, “Most Countries in the World have Buses so Many People can associate with the situations in the Show and there’s also that typical Family Scenario in the Butler’s House where You’re at each others throats one minute and then it’s forgotten about 5 minutes later.Couple that with the great Scripts and Cast and you have a Hit. Holiday on the Buses has a big cult following and some would be amazed to hear it is a Hammer Film Production.

Holiday on the Buses - Stan and Jack (still)

Holiday on the Buses – Stan and Jack (still)

With the event having a coach tour of the locations that still remain today, which did Rich think will be the most popular, “The Dyserth Falls Location will be very Popular, it’s Pretty much unchanged from when the Film was shot there. So there is that aspect plus it’s a Beautiful Place where the Fans will have some free time to sit near the Waterfalls and also take some photos of the areas where those Tv Legends once stood all those Years ago in 1973.

I continued to chat with Rich about the event and wondered if they were expecting any extras that may have been in the film to turn up during the event, “Yes indeed, We have been in touch with some of them and they are hoping to attend.We actually put out an Advert for anyone who appeared as an Extra in the Movie to get in touch with their Memories and we would certainly love them to come along.

So, the Holiday on the Buses cast reunion certainly sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun for fans old and you, but will people be able to bring their own memorabilia to get signed by the cast? Rich told me they can, “Absolutely, as well as the photos which will be available at the Event, Fans are welcome to bring Dvd Covers, Posters, and anything else they may want to be signed.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham