Horror-on-Sea interview with Space Ninjas actress Yi Jane

Space Ninjas (2019)

Director: Scott McQuaid

Writer: Scott McQuaid

Stars: Yi Jane, Dirk Benedict, Brian Narelle, Godfrey Ho, Jon T. Benn

Five high school misfits are called for detention on a Saturday night by their teacher but as the night closes in an elite group of Space Ninjas begin their invasion on the secluded school. After the Space Ninjas kill the teacher, the students are left to fend for themselves, as they try to escape the school grounds and survive the night.

Date & Venue: 20th January 2019 at 17:30pm

Park Inn by Radisson Palace Southend-on-, Church Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2AL, UK

Space Ninjas is a  new action- horror film from writer-director Scott McQuaid, which has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival. I got a chance to ask lead actress Yi Jane a few questions about what we can expect from the film.

Q. Space Ninjas has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival what can we expect from the film?

Loads of suspense throughout the film for sure. The film’s intense nature is definitely and element which will make viewers want to know more. Overall, expect a fantastic film made with great professionalism.

Q. What originally attracted you to the role of Stanlei? 

How similar we are psychologically in that we are quite hard headed and tough but at the same time, how different we are because Stanlei is evidently more physically strong and capable. I found her a very interesting character because she is an obscured character in a such a way that audiences will only discover her layers of personality as the movie progresses.

Q. How much input did you have when creating the look and personality of your character

Because of how different we are in terms of outlook and sometimes personality, it took a considerable load of effort to be the tough skater girl Stanlei is. For instance, the director had sessions with me to build Stanlei’s character in me, by teaching me a few fighting moves that in some ways made it clearer to me what sort of character I needed to be. However, I feel that Stanlei was already part of who I was personally, and it would sometimes only take the setting of mood before I became her. I remember the time Scott (director) played a few songs from The Shinning (1980) (the horror film) and because of how eerie it sounded, I naturally reacted the way I needed to in that scene. Besides her personality, creating the look also required much effort as she portrayed a rougher style kind of skater girl which made it essential for me to have various elements to the outfit I wore (etc. bandage on my wrist, red highlights in my hair and dark eye makeup that aimed to manifest my character’s tough and rebellious outlook)

Q. Do you think there are any elements of the character which reflect some of your own personality?

Definitely her tough-minded side. She has her own distinct ideas and way of doing things. She was also very tough mentally in that despite having to face all the hardship throughout the battles, she still managed to survive through all of it and I am personally fairly like that.

Q. What preparation did you do for the role?

Prior to filming this movie, I had trainings with the director to ensure that I was physically capable for the role especially since there were many scenes that required me to be so. I was taught some martial arts moves for which was meant for me to use on set. But besides the physical preparation, I also prepared by thinking through my character’s personality and style by reading through the script. I always thought to myself “what would Stanlei do in this situation” or “what would she think about this?”

Q. What was the hardest part of filming Space Ninjas?

I think the hardest part for me was the staying up till late at night. It was even more difficult because I was still going to school then and having to balance school workload and at the same time to film a movie was almost impossible. The 24 hours in everyday that I filmed, I basically only had meal times to myself. There was one time we were on set for a whole 12 hours from 7pm to 7am and that was truly a once in a lifetime experience – from seeing the sunset to seeing the sunrise with no sleep in between.

Q. What was one of your favourite moment during filming? 

Definitely the company I had then. The casts were such fun people and without them, I would absolutely have not been able to get through those long nights. From preparation (etc. make-up, dressing) to being on set, it was never a bore because we were just always having a good time; be it laughing about how we sounded when we mispronounced or just the times when we had late night teenage chats.

Q. Do you have any other projects which you are working on?

Not currently. I hope to first focus on getting the education I need and perhaps after that I’ll look into pursuing it.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into acting themselves?

To just go for it for as long as the passion’s there. With anything that you do, as long as you love it and enjoy every moment of it, you’ll flourish. However, be prepared for extremely difficult days because unlike other careers, acting requires one to have an immense amount of self-discipline and mental strength.

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