In Hotel Transylvania, Dracula (Adam Sandler), who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count’s teen-aged daughter. On her 118th birthday Mavis (Selena Gomez) falls for a human and that’s just something that should never happen!

Hotel Transylvania 3D – Blazing Minds Film Review

Hotel Transylvania 3D

Although this is an Adam Sandler movie, albeit an animated one, it doesn’t really have those belly laughs that you would expect, yes, some of the kids watching will find it funny, but not many which is a shame as now-a-days we’ve come to get used to those animated movies that not only have the laughs for the kids, but also for the adults as well.

Some moments will have you tickled, such as the shower scene and the honeymoon sweet.

The animation is nicely done for Hotel Transylvania, with some great effects, but these really don’t hold you to the film, after all it’s the story line that should do that in any film.

Hotel Transylvania does have a good idea running through it though, what if monsters had a safe retreat to go to without any humans and what if one arrived, but I think the main feeling from Hotel Transylvania is a deeper one and that’s to forget your prejudices  learn to love one another, no mater i you are human or monster and this is something that moves in to the real world as well for all of us.

So what we are getting here in Hotel Transylvania is a story that kids may be able to relate to, the over protective father of his only daughter and that there could be a world in the possible future where everyone treats each other equal no matter what!

Overall Thoughts For Hotel Transylvania 3D

It’s an enjoyable movies, not as funny as you would expect, the animation is nicely done, the 3D is ok but as the screen is dark most of the time it really doesn’t have that effect of a brightly lit movie. Some kids will love it and adults will giggle at it. But it’s a great film for half-term.

Apollo Rhyl Film Reviewer Rating 3

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Karen Woodham
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