Kick Ass #1 – Comic Book Review (Contains Spoilers and Previews)

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Title – Kick Ass #1
Creative Team – Mark Millar (W) John Romita JR (A)(C.A)
Publisher – Image Comics
Release Date – 14th February 2018

The lovable team of Mark Millar and John Romita JR return for the next segment of the Kick-Ass saga. Bringing with them the always modern plots, sitting on top of the constantly beautiful artwork that both Millar & JR-JR are renowned for.

The story follows the now all-too-commonly-used ‘full circle’ structure (start, flashback, explain the run-up, and end where the start began), so many of us readers and viewers are uber bored of this style now, please stop, pleaseeeee.

We open with our hero, both of the costumed and military service variety. Returning from war to a freshly broken family, and facing the struggles of making money to feed, clothe, and house their loved ones. When the idea of being a modern-day Robin Hood seems too good to pass up, the costume comes out, and the blood gets splashed.
Is this latest instalment the most challenging for Dave Lizewski?? ……. Only this time it’s not Dave of New York inside the suit, it’s our new hero …. Patience of Albuquerque!!

Whereas you’re not forced to connect too closely to the Patience character (which feels intentional from Millar), you do hope that something bigger is coming soon that will make you relate to her.
This premier issue should blow your socks off!! Yet it misses and feels like a single one-shot story, a self-completing tale fit to fill 10mins of boredom.

With a new Hit Girl story coming a week or two after this latest Kick-Ass series, we have faith this will aid the revival of the Kick-Ass universe and have us screaming and kicking-ass for more!

Without a doubt, we’ll see this latest incarnation of the ‘greatest superhero comic of all time’ (their words, not mine) become a 6-8 episode TV series, thanks to Netflix purchasing the entire MillarWorld catalogue last year.

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