What can I say about Magic Mike! Too be honest I can’t really say much about it, so this is probably going to be one of the shortest reviews that I’ve ever posted up for a film review!

Magic Mike – Blazing Minds Film Review

Magic MikeOk to start off with, Magic Mike seems to be a poor US version of The Full Monty, which is an all time British Classic, in Magic Mike, we find Adam (Alex Pettyfer) who is down on his luck and out of work, but he soon meets up with Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) and starts earning money, learing to party and pick up woman as a male stripper!

Steven Soderbergh has brought us Magic Mike with what seems to be a feeble attempt to entertain, the dialogue throughout the film is something a little kin to a badly made school play and while we do get some hunky looking guys performing their acts among the screaming fans (on the screen anyway), it just seems to trying to hard to be a serious movie.

There are points throughout the film it all slows down and starts taking itself too seriously, only to thrust (probably the wrong word to use) upon us the night club scenes of Magic Mike, Adam, Big Dick Richie (Jow Manganiello), Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) and Tito (Adam Rodriguez – Yes Delko from CSI: Miami!) preparing themselves to go out on the stage and wow an audience.

I have several issues with Magic Mike, first it’s on too long, at least 20 minutes could have been removed to make the film flow a lot better, secondly it’s the overall production of the film, sometimes it feels like a docu-drama, then it feels like a comedy and then it’s like a serious drama, it just couldn’t seem to make up it’s mind.

OK the strip scenes are nicely choreographed, but you can still tell that these guys aren’t dancers and they do look quite uncomfortable doing what they are doing, which in turn, makes the audience feel slightly at ease.

Overall Thoughts For Magic Mike

I think Magic Mike is mainly going to appeal to those 15-18 year old girls that want to see some male bodies in a movie or on a night out with a bunch of friends that fancy a drink watching a movie. But if you’re looking for something that is going to keep your attention for 110 mins (yes it’s on that long) then don’t bother.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham